Anna Moritz Pinner

Compiled by Doron Zeilberger.

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First Written: March 9, 2001.

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Anna Moritz (Stettin, Nov. 28, 1852- Berlin, Nov. 2, 1937) was the wife of Adolf Pinner (1842-1909). (See there for her children).

Her father was Hermann Moritz (1824-Dec. 18, 1917), and her mother was Bertha Latz Moritz(1829 - March 30, 1917). Her maternal grandmother was Pauline Kaul Latz Philipp (remarried to Isaac Philipp (?-1948)).

In 1927 she wrote letter to her granddaughter Ruth, to wish her happy 12th birthday.

In 1935 she wrote a long letter to her granddaughter Gertrude , mostly about her grandmother.

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