Aaron B. Pinner

(The Father of the Father of the Father of the Mother of the Mother of Doron Zeilberger, also the Father of the Father of the Mother of the Father of the Mother of DZ)

Written by: Doron Zeilberger.

First written: June 25, 2000

Last Update: Sept. 20, 2010 (Thanks to Karola Nick).

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Aaron B. Pinner was born in 1760 (probably) in Pniewy, Poznan, Poland, that after the German occupation of 1815 became Pinne, Posen, Prussia. He was married to Sara ? Pinner (also probably born in Pinne), who was born in 1764.

See a copy of Aaron and Sara Pinner's listing from 1816 , taken from LDS microfilm 1,194,061 (Birnbaum, 1816).

Aaron and Sara Pinner had three children:

There was another Pinner family residing at the same house in Birnbaum, headed by David A. Pinner (1756-?) who was probably Aaron's brother. My (probable) Great-Great-Great-Great-Uncle was married to Hanne Pinner (1767-?), and they had three children: Jento (1799-?) Pinner ?, Mirel Pinner ? (1803-?), and Salomon Pinner (1807-?). Salomon Pinner was naturalizied the same day as his cousin Abraham, July 11, 1834.

One of Salomon Pinner's children was Moses-Moritz Pinner (Birnbaum, Posen, ?-Berlin, 1924(?)), who was a merchant. He was married to Jachet (Hanna) Drucker (?-1906(?)). Moses and Jachet Pinner's children were: Kurt Pinner, a merchant, Else von Hyman (?-Hamburg, 1969), Felix Pinner (Birnbaum, Feb. 22, 1880- New York, May 3, 1942), and Georg Pinner (Birnbaum, Oct. 24, 1890- Kreuth, Bavaria, July 22, 1964), Georg Pinner changed his name to Heinz Herald.

Dr. Felix Pinner, was a well-known author and economic correspondant for a German daily newspaper, who has an entry in Encylopedia Judaica. His pen-name was Frank Fassland. His wife was Gertrud Gruenspan who also died on May 3, 1942 (they committed suicide together). Their son was Hans Stefan Pinner.

One of Kurt's children was Hans-Wolfgang Pinner (b, 1926), and one of Hans-Wolfgang's children is Pedro Pinner, who kindly sent me the David and Hanne Pinner's Family Listing (Birnbaum 1815) , and a very interesting message about some of the descendants of David and Hanne Pinner..

Heinz Herald (born Georg Pinner), mentioned in Pedro's message, was a movie director and scriptwriter in Germany and Hollywood. He was a co-winner of the 1938 Academy Award for best original script for "Life of Emil Zola". Heinz Herald's son, Peter (b. 1921) was a movie producer and has two children.

There is probably also a Lucie Pinner in this family, (see http://sites.kaminsky.nl/genea/i374.html), but I don't know the exact relationship.

Aaron Pinner's father was probably Hirsch Baer (Pinne(?), 1735 -Birnbaum,c. 1816).

Sources: Mormon microfilm 1,194,061 (Birnbaum, 1816), and Edward David Luft: `The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835, Brown Studies on Jews and Their Societies IV, Scholars Press, Atlanta, Georgia. The Biographical information about the brothers Felx Pinner and Heinz Herald was drawn from Pedro Pinner's message and a book about German emigres edited by Herbert A. Strauss and Werner Roeder, published by K.G. Saur, 1983.

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