Message from Pedro Pinner (Doron Zeilberger's Fifth Cousin)

Dear Doron,
So far, I guess I am descended from David and Hanna Pinne (Pinner),
I guess, my grandfather Kurt Solomon Pinner is connected with
them in this way,
my father, few years ago told me this information,
my grandfather had a sheet regarding his ancestors in Birnbaum,
that sheet was taken from The Jews in Germany from their Total
Files at The Register of Families from The Jewish Community at
Birnbaum in 1815, the original last name was then, Pinne.
David H. Pinne, was born in 1762, he got married to Hanne, she
was born in 1767, in your last mail you written Hanna; they had three
children, the oldest was Jento Pinne, born in 1799, you found her as
Yentel, the other daughter was Mirel Pinne, born in 1803, and the
yongest was a boy, Solomon Pinne, born in 1807.
I guess this Solomon Pinne was the great-grandfather of my
grandfather Kurt, or either his great-great-grand father. So,
Levin Aaron and Solomon Pinne may be you are right and they are
Regarding Dr. Felix Pinner, I was told from my dad, that he was not
sure if Felix was Kurt's brother or Kurt's cousin, once my dad told me
that Dr. Felix Pinner moved to New York and then told me something
about Stephan Pinner, Dr. Felix Pinner son's? I do not know if
Stephan was Kurt's cousin? Or how he was related to him?
Also my dad told me, that my grandfather Kurt had other brother,
his name is Georg Pinner, my dad also  said that Georg changed his
name to Heinz Herald, and also he said that Georg's son name is
Peter Herald. Other name that he mentioned was  Frieda. What was
Dr. Felix's wife name?
So far, my grandfather, Kurt Solomon Pinner, was born in Feb. 24 1886,
in Birnbaum, Germany, died on April 29, 1958 in Mexico City (DF);
I guess Kurt's father was Moritz Pinner, I have not further information
from Moritz.
Kurt got married, to my oma (grand mother) Erna Lewin, who was born in
June 29, 1898, in Berlin, Germany, died on May 11 1985, in
Mexico City (DF). Her parents were Isidor Lewin and Martha, her
brothers were Willi and Erich, and her sister was Ilse
I have not further information from them.
One more thing once may father mentioned, that he had and uncle or
cousin who went to Hollywood to work, could be by any chance be one of
the Herald's I mentioned. I dont know.
Well dear Doron, now a I think we have more information trying to
complete this great puzzle from our Family Chart. Please keep me
updated from every thing you found, I will do the same.
Best wishes! cousin Pedro .

Aaron Pinner

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