Pictures from Gitti Weiss's 90th Birthday Party

First posted: Feb. 8, 2003.

On Jan. 11, 2003, Brigitte Weiss ("Gitti"), that was born on Jan. 6, 1913, celebrated her 90th birthday, together with more than fifty guests. The party took place at Matti and Nilli Weiss's house, at Ramat Raziel, outside Jerusalem, and was organized by Matti, Ada, and Nilli. It was a very big success. People came from all over the world, to celebrate it. From the United States: Gitti's nephew John Kuhn (from Kansas), Gitti's niece Anne Howson and her husband Bill Howson (Michigan), Gitti's nephew Doron Zeilberger (New Jersey), Gitti's nephew Gil Zeilberger with his wife Michal Zeilberger (New Jersey). From Germany: Gitti's second-cousin-twice-removed, Irene Kaufmann (Heidelberg). From Belgium: Gitti's third-cousin-once-removed Tom Furstenberg (Sr.). From Denmark: Gitti's third-cousin-twice-removed Bettina Furstenberg. From Holland: Gitti's third-cousin-twice-removed Tom Furstenberg (Jr.).

And of course, tons fo relatives from Israel. From Kfar Bialik: Gitti's niece Rivka Barkai, and her husband Shmulik Barkai. Their children: Arnon Barkai and Michal Ayalon. Anron's wife Michal Barkai, together with their four charming daughters. Michal Ayalon's son, Guy Ayalon, who came with his wife (also a swimming coach) and a surprise, a baby girl called Tom. Michal Ayalon's daughter Merav Ayalon came from Jerusalem, where she is a physics graduate student. Ravit Ayalon couldn't make it, since she is currently at Atlanta, Georgia.

From Tel-Aviv: Ernie ("Alex") and Shuli Alexander.

From Sitria: Lily Levi (Michal Zeilberger's mother).

From Haifa came Gitti's first-cousin-once-removed, Dina (b. Alexander) Ron, with her husband Ari Ron.

From a convent near Jerusalem came Gitti's first-cousin- once-removed Sister Kathy Wolff.

From Shoresh came Nilli's parents, and from Neve Adomim came Nilli's sister, and two of their children.

From Kiryat Motzkin came Matti's friend Shmulik Burmil.

And, of course, the birthday girl herself, Gitti Weiss, who came from Jerusalem, Gitti's daughter Ada Weiss, Gitti's son Matti and Gitti's daughter-in-law Nilli (at whose house the party took place), and Gitti's grandsons: Ori, Tom, Aviv, and Shachar.

The food, cooked by Ada, Nilli et. al., was really delicious.

The artistic program consisted of a superb harp recital by Nilli's friend, a professional harpist, and by a charming singing recital by Nilli herself. It was followed by a fascinating slide-show prepared by Gitti's daughter, Ada Weiss, that featured pictures from as far back as 1860 (of Gitti's great-grandparents Rabbi Levin Aron Pinner and his wife Wilheline).

Here are some pictures taken by Tom Furstenberg, Jr., who kindly sent them to me, and kindly allowed me to post them here.

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