How to Make Up for Not Doing As Well as you Wished in Exam I

Last Update: Dec. 3, 2006 [to cancel the Practice Exams II requirement]

Previous Update: Nov. 26, 2006. [To post Ammendment]

To be eligible for the DEAL (take a Make-up Exam I the last day of classes and if your get more than 75 on THAT make-up exam, your course-grade will be the YOUR FINAL EXAM's grade or YOUR PERSONAL TOTAL COURSE GRADE (obtained by adding-up your score for exams I, exam II, and the inputs from the TA), whatever is higher). You must do:

Everything is due the last day of classes.

Practice Exams I

Before you attempt these practice exams you shuld completely understand the Solutions to Exam 1 of Sections 1-3

and the Solutions to Exam 1 of Sections 4-6.

Math 251