How to Repent for your Exam II Sins

If you are otherwise eligible for the DEAL (take a Make-up Exam I the last day of classes and if your get more than 75 your course-grade will be the Final Exam's grade or the course-average, whatever is higher), but have scored less than 70 on Exam II, you can still be a beneficiary, if in addition to the other requirements (Showed up to tutoring or did four extra problems from each covered section (or two extra, if you scored more than 70 on Exam I) and did all the six extra Practice exams I) you will hand-in, on Dec. 12, 2005, 7:45am (before the eligibility exam) also the completed following two post-exam II practice exams:

Practice Exams II

Math 152 (01-03)

Math 152 (07-09)