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Introduction to Shalosh B. Ekhad's

"66 Skyscrapers Problems"

Written: July 10, 2016

The Rules

If the given grid is an n by n grid, Fill it with numbers from 1 to n. The numbers represent the respective heights of skyscrapers- 1 being the shortest, n being the tallest. The digits at the side of the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers that can be seen from that vantage point, with shorter buildings sometimes hidden by taller one. As in Sudoko, no number is repeated in any row and column.

To get an idea, simply look at the this problem and its solution.

[Note: The 4 by 4 version of this puzzles appears currently (2016) in the New York Times Sunday magazine, and is attributed there to We-Hwa Huang.]

The Maple package

In order to use the Maple package Skyscrapers.txt, just download it, and follow the on-line instructions. Have fun! Of course, you need to have the computer algebra system Maple on your computer.

Cover    Chapter I    Chapter II    Chapter III    Chapter IV    Maple Package