Mathematical Numbers of Doron Zeilberger

Last update: Aug. 3, 2016.

In Feb. 1998, my Wiles number became 3 via the path. Before that it was 7, via the path.

My Einstein number is also 3 via the following path.

I am even more proud of my Knuth number 2 via the path.

But what I am most proud of is my Richard Garfield number 2 via the path .

My Erdos number is 2, but so is everybody else's (unless their number is 0 or 1).

My Chalabi number, for what it is worth, is (at most) 5 via the path.

Riddle: Why are there only five kinds of mana? If you give up, or to check your answer clique(sic!) here.

Added May 22, 2011: My Kevin Bacon Number is 3, via the path.

Corollary: My Erdos-Bacon Number is 5.

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