How To Walk from The New Brunswick Train Station To The Hill Center in the Busch Campus of Rutgers University

Last Update: March 28, 2006 [to enter the name of Busch Campus Drive]

Previous Update: June 14, 2005. [To implement the new Busch-College Ave walkway]

First Version: Jan. 14, 2002.

Written By Doron Zeilberger.

Note Added Aug. 2, , 2004: The construction seems to be over, at least for now, and the route below is again passable. [added June 20, 2005: the "route below" refers to the old route, so the above statement is true but unnecessary]

There is a safe way to walk, especially now with the new walkway. The whole way takes me appx. 32 minutes [using the new walkway] or 42 minutes [using the old route via Johnson Drive and the Stadium]. The instructions below also apply to biking, and the times then should be divided by 3.

1) Go to the end of the platform (away from the station, in the direction of the train if you came from the West (Trenton) and in the opposite direction if you came from the East (NY) ), walk downstairs, make a left onto [ If you came from Trenton/Princeton: George and then immediately another left on] Somerset. Walk a block and make a right on College Ave. On the left-hand side, walk to the end of College Avenue and enter Buccleuch park (about 12 min. walks). Walk another minute on a path parallel to George St., and a little before the Buccleuch Mansion, make a right that leads to stairs. Walk down the stairs, and carefully cross George St. to the bike path/pedestrian walk on the Lynch bridge.

After about two to three minutes you have a choice: turn left down to Johnson Drive and go the Old Way (see below, that takes 10 minutes longer) OR:

New Way (June 2005): DONT's turn left (downhill), but go straight and continue on the bridge and follow the path all the way to the end [ 7 additional minutes]. This ends at Busch Campus Drive. Take a left and Walk a few steps to the corner of Busch Campus Drive and Sutphen Road. [the street sign just says "Campus Drive"].

Cross [Busch] Campus Drive at the crosswalk (Make sure to push the button to activate the warning yellow lights. Be careful, the cars go very fast and may ignore the warning lights), and make a left. Continue (after a few minutes past a traffic circle) onto Frelinghuysen Rd., and arive at Hill Center (6 minutes).

[OLD WAY: (be careful when you cross River Rd)

2) Follow that path. It ends at Johnson Drive. (about 5 minutes) Make a right on Johnson Drive.

3) Keep walking until you hit Landing Lane (3 minutes) after crossing Landing Lane (carefully!) make a right, staying on Landing Lane.

4) Walk on the shoulder until you hit the light at River Rd. (2 minutes). Push the button for crossing. When the light turns GREEN, Cross carefully (watching the cars that are turning left, it is your right of way, but you still have to be careful, the light is very short and the cars are impatient.)

5) Now you are at the beginning of a steep uphill path that leads to the Stadium. You hit the Stadium at the Hale Center. (3 minutes)

6) After you hit the stadium at Hale Center, walk on the sidewalk along the stadium. At the North Entrance, cross Sutphen Road on the crosswalk (carefully!), and make a left (1.5 minutes)

7) After less than a minute you hit FITCH Rd., make a right on Fitch. On your left you will have a Golf course, and on your right you have first D-field and behind it the Busch Bubble, and later Yurack Field. At Yurack Field, Fitch Rd. continues to the right. Instead of turning right, keep going straight, still with the Golf course to your left, and Yurack Field on the right. You can see Hill Center at the top of the Hill. Walk to the end of that path (it ends at Parking Lot 53A), until you hit Frelinghuysen. Turn left, and after a few seconds cross Frelinghuysen at the crosswalk. (8 minutes)]

How To Walk from The Hill Center in the Busch Campus of Rutgers University To The New Brunswick Train Station

Just reverse the above.

Doron Zeilberger,