Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Fall 2009

 01 640 251 00   99999       Zeilberger Doron                                          
         ENROLL=  117       RESP=  75 (64%)     STRONGLY                    STRONGLY  # OF     MEAN    MEAN  MEAN   MEAN       
                                                DISAGREE        NEUTRAL       AGREE     NO      OF      OF    OF     OF      
PART A: UNIVERSITY-WIDE QUESTIONS:                   1      2      3      4     5   RESPONSES SECTION COURSE DEPT   LEVEL   

  1. The instructor was prepared for class and     
     presented the material in an organized manner   0      0      0      6    68       1      4.92    4.47  4.17   4.38
  2. The instructor responded effectively to       
     student comments and questions                  0      0      0      8    66       1      4.89    4.38  3.97   4.28
  3. The instructor generated interest in the      
     course material                                 1      0      4     10    59       1      4.70    4.16  3.83   4.04
  4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward 
     assisting all students in understanding       
     course material                                 0      1      0      4    69       1      4.91    4.41  4.14   4.37
  5. The instructor assigned grades fairly           0      1      5     13    53       3      4.64    4.30  4.06   4.26
  6. The instructional methods encouraged student  
     learning                                        1      0      1     10    61       2      4.78    4.13  3.73   4.03
  7. I learned a great deal in this course           0      0      2     17    55       1      4.72    4.19  3.67   4.14
  8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject  
     matter and wanted to take this course           0      1     17     16    40       1      4.28    3.99  3.24   3.90
  9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the      
     instructor as                                   0      1      2     11    60       1      4.76    4.22  3.80   4.12
 10. I rate the overall quality of the course as     0      0      3     20    51       1      4.65    4.17  3.70   4.06

What do you like best about this course?:

It is my favorite class!

amazing teacher

The attendance quizzes helped me make sure I knew the material that was taught in class that day.

Math is my favorite subject, so it's hard not to love it, but particularly for this course having Dr.Z as a professor was the best part!


The application of theorems on problems are worked out very clearly.

Great instructor.

The character that the professor has. He is a reasonable man who will help you and really wants his students to do well.

Dr Z

The professor that taught it.

I liked that the teacher provided handouts which run through example problems that are discussed in class.

Dr. Z made class helpful and interesting.

Probably, the best professor I have had so far at Rutgers. A great teacher who encouraged learning and made me interested in learning Multivariable Calculus.

Dr. Z goes out of his way to help students and it really makes them feel comfortable in the class and with the material

Doron's enthusiasm and humor keeps everyone awake and paying attention. The fact that there is no curve makes for easier exams that do not smash your self esteem to smithereens like some other class's exams. The free toturing is great too.

DR Z is the best Math teacher around. He puts the lectures into paper form so we can learn another way as well

The professor was the best I have ever had at Rutgers, and I was lucky enough to be in his class twice.

Being taught by professor Zeilberger.

I like the professor's handouts and daily quizzes

The teachers enthusiasm rubs off on the students, giving them a reason to enjoy learning.

Dr. Z is simply brilliant. He loves math and is very energetic which encourages everyone to pay attention.

Very enthusiastic teacher, kept everyone awake.

Dr. Z is great. Cares about students and genuinely wants them to learn. Very knowledgeable and is a great teacher.

It is interesting course material and Dr. Zeilberger is very enthusiastic about learning.

He is by far the best Mathematics teacher I have ever had

Dr. Z is a great teach

i like learning about the different ways to solve double integrals and evaluating line integrals

Doctor Z!

Dr. Z

I hated Calc 2, but Calc 3 was a breeze. Much easier and simpler than Calc 2.

Dr. Z.


Dr Z's enthusiasm was off the walls and I LOVED IT

Dr. Z's realization that college for most undergrads is merely the "13th grade" and treating the students as such. By having clear rules which are strictly enforced, a better learning environment is created for all students and overall achievement seems to reflect that environment.

The prof explained everything very well in class. The exams were very fair. No tricks, just know the material well.

I liked how the practice exams were really helpful for studying for the actual exams. There was a great resemblance between the two. I think the difficulty level for the exams was just right for the fact that there was no curve. Because the practice exams were so similar to the actual exams I actually enjoyed studying, because in this case I knew that if I studied the right way I would get a good grade (providing I didn't make stupid mistakes).

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

Nothing, however, allow an absence or two!!!!

No. Dr.Z's way of teaching is unbeatable!

I would not go over each problem fully, as it's already shown in the handout. Also, I would focus a bit more on the conceptual side.


Make the lectures be outside.


Nothing, Dr. Z is the man and should win the nobel prize.

Well, I had a big problem with feeling babied. The instructor encouraged us to take notes, but to actually randomly come around and inspect the notebooks? I'm 24 years old, it's been a while since someone wanted to inspect my note taking. Next, will he be inspecting my cursive as well I wonder? It discourages me from actually learning. Instead of spending time paying attention and trying to understand what is being said while taking the notes I deem important, I spend the time making sure I copy everything down. In one ear and out through the tip of my pen, but, hey, at least when he checks my notebook I don't get scolded and made to put on the dunce cap. He would even throw money (yes dollars and coins) at students for correcting his mistakes, which may seem cute, but again - how old are we? Main point: I should be permitted to take whatever notes I want if I want to. He also had stipulations on the notebook you keep. It has to be a dedicated notebook, and homework can't be done in it, etc. Why he cares about these petty things is beyond me. I should be permitted to organize myself as I see fit, for better or for worse. They are my PERSONAL notes, for me to learn from. If I want to write it in elvish short hand (just an example) while sharing the notebook with 'philosophy and the black experience' I should be permitted to do so.

I would do nothing different

maybe instead of giving people pennies when they correct a mistake on the board, they should get a gift card to quiznos.

Attendance quizzes no more and less importance put on recitation, it shouldnt be 20% of the grade

Absolutely nothing.

Nothing, everything is great.

I would allow more room for mistakes

Absolutely nothing. He is a great professor.


Nothing. Very effective teaching process

I would organize the information in a better manner because it is difficult to tell when you should use different types of methods.

Absolutely nothing, except demand that I could teach every math class at Rutgers

Nothing Dr. Z should stay teaching this course for a very long time


Not sit in the back row.


Grading would be much different. Dr. Z is a good instructor but his grading is terrible. And he's quite terrifying if you approach him. For a stupid reason I lost points on a question, and when I approached him about it he started insulting me, calling me stupid and saying that I don't understand the basic concepts and I deserve negative infinity for a grade ... and the entire time he was spitting on my face ... and this was infront of the class so you can imagine how even more embarassing and terrifying this was. He has definitely scarred me for the rest of my life. I'm sure I'm one of the very few to complain about Dr. Z and I'm not complaining actually. He's a good professor, and his exams are too easy, which is why everyone is able to Ace them ... but his people skills are terrible. He can be very rude at times. And this is not only to me, he's insulted other students in class before.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Maybe make the possible A lower than a 93%(but not lower than a 90%)


The mandatory homework was a pain, as well as the weekly quizzes. For someone that has a busy class schedule, often it is difficult to keep up with homework constantly. Therefore, it was difficult to take the quizzes.

I just think each recitation teacher was not equal. Some of them were a little easier and gave easier quizzes, and some of them gave harder quizzes. The recitation grade is worth the same amount as an exam and can greatly impact each student's grades, especially because there is no curve.

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

I learned Calc 3 in a good way

Dr. Z helped me through tough questions, he's very encourging and supporting.He is very enthisiastic about calculus and he makes other become interested too!

He shows us the importance of calculus while reminding us that what we have learned up until now is still important.

Dr. Z. is a great teacher. He really wants his students to do well and helps us succeed.

He's shown there is different ways to go about doing problems. Thinking differently

He makes math not stupid. It's still challenging, but he's such a good teacher that it's definately worth it.


I feel comfortable in the class and am able to pay attention and retain the material

As far as teaching the material clearly and enthusiastically, Doron is the best teacher I've ever had-- college and prior.

He is my inspiration.

Professor Zeilberger is one of the best teachers i have ever had. You can easily see how much he loves teaching and how much he loves being in the classroom. He genuinely cares about everyone of his students and makes a serious attempt at remembering everyone's name, even with such a large class. He is very helpful, funny, and has such enthusiasm in the course. His grading is great and fair to everyone. I am very greatful to have been lucky enough to be taught by him.

not sure

He wants his students to strive for being the best. He has helped me feel confident.

It has further developed my knowledge in calculus. Especially since this is one of the most important calculus classes because we live in a three dimensional world. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Z as my teacher.

Dr. Z is very enthusiastic about the course material and learning in general.

He is a fantastic mind, an exceptionally kind person and a great teacher, these facts have completely endeared me to him and to math in general.

Nothing really but Calc three will surely be used in future endeavors somehow

I learned Calculus on a MULTIVARIABLE LEVEL!

not really

His teaching methods are simple. What makes this class the easiest is that his practice exams are an EXACT copy of the actual exam .. so if you've done the practice exam, you can Ace the actual exam. I'm not sure if this is good, but I do understand everything much better with his teaching methods and have done much better in this class.

Dr. Z is ALWAYS so enthusiastic about class and calculus, he makes it fun and understandable. He is definitely my favorite teacher throughout my college experience thus far.


Very very enthusiastic makes me love the math field

I know Calc III now. Wooooo!!!

I actually like this class and I'm not the biggest fan of math! I'm so interested in this subject that I am contemplating taking linear algebra sometime soon. Plus the attendance quizzes cause me to go to class.

Other comments or suggestions::

Doron is one of the greatest teachers i have ever had. His method of explaining concepts is incredible! He is absolutely an amazing teacher!

Dr.Z might be the best professor in all of Rutgers University!

Dr.Z is a great teacher and all around good guy!

Dr. Z is one of the most enthusiastic, zealous, and caring professors whose class I have had the good fortune of attending. I believe the math department as a whole has wonderful calc professors, but Dr. Z is on a level of his own as far as dedication to his students.

Pay this man

Dr. Z for president!

The lack of respect as an adult mentioned in question 12. Also, he would give an 'attendance quiz', but usually this was given at the end of class so that the entire class is made to stay late every day. We have other obligations (at least I do). Another class met after our's, and those students were generally forced to wait in the hall until we completed our quiz. Last class he made us take the quiz outside as to avoid this, but why am I staying late for class to take an attendance quiz outside writing up against a brick wall? That's some b.s. right there, especially considering anyone who showed up within the last 30 seconds gets full credit for being there, meanwhile I got no credit for the couple of times I left only slightly early to put some food in my diabetic stomach. He's not very logical for a mathematician. And no one knows what the attendance counts for. It isn't described in his grading scheme on the syllabus, yet it also says 'mandatory attendance'. I emailed him once to inquire and never received a reply. Go figure.

The professor called me stupid. And often insults others (in a joking manner)

Excellent teacher. Really makes you learn the material and cares about your grade.

One of the best professors I've had

keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Best teacher

I loved this class.



Fire everybody else, they don't even compare to Dr. Z.

i didnt like how he gave me a zero on one of the exam problems because i had a negative radius. my solution still came out positive for volume even though it was wrong. also i used the right strategy to go about solving the problem so i thought i should have recieved some credit. i think that the dr should give zeros to people that draw happy faces on their exam . i was depressesd that week

Dr. Z is an awesome person and such a good professor =)


He needs to take an anger management class. But I'm sure I'm one of the very few students to complain so I'm sure this entire review was just passed on and unread.

Dr. Z is the best professor at Rutgers, HANDS DOWN.

I continue to be impressed by the quality of instruction in the math department. Since returning to the university, my best instructors and courses have been in my calculus courses. I look forward to the same continued quality in my remaining math courses.

He was a good mix of really nice and strict. It seemed like he really cared that his students learned the material well.

great professor!

The mandatory attendance and homework and quizzes made it feel like high school again. Did not like.

Currently we need a 92% to get an A in the class, but because there is no curve I wish that percentage could be a lowered a little to say a 90% or higher to get an A. With a class with no curve every point counts! But deffinitely I think you are by far the best teacher I have had at Rutgers to date.

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