Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Fall 2009

 01 640 251 00   99999       Zeilberger Doron                                          
         ENROLL=  108       RESP=  71 (65%)     STRONGLY                    STRONGLY  # OF     MEAN    MEAN  MEAN   MEAN       
                                                DISAGREE        NEUTRAL       AGREE     NO      OF      OF    OF     OF      
PART A: UNIVERSITY-WIDE QUESTIONS:                   1      2      3      4     5   RESPONSES SECTION COURSE DEPT   LEVEL   

  1. The instructor was prepared for class and     
     presented the material in an organized manner   0      0      1     11    59       0      4.82    4.47  4.17   4.38
  2. The instructor responded effectively to       
     student comments and questions                  0      0      1      7    61       2      4.87    4.38  3.97   4.28
  3. The instructor generated interest in the      
     course material                                 0      0      3      8    59       1      4.80    4.16  3.83   4.04
  4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward 
     assisting all students in understanding       
     course material                                 0      0      2      5    64       0      4.87    4.41  4.14   4.37
  5. The instructor assigned grades fairly           1      2      7     12    49       0      4.49    4.30  4.06   4.26
  6. The instructional methods encouraged student  
     learning                                        0      0      3      9    59       0      4.79    4.13  3.73   4.03
  7. I learned a great deal in this course           0      0      2     11    58       0      4.79    4.19  3.67   4.14
  8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject  
     matter and wanted to take this course           1      2     10     15    42       1      4.36    3.99  3.24   3.90
  9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the      
     instructor as                                   0      0      1      7    62       1      4.87    4.22  3.80   4.12
 10. I rate the overall quality of the course as     0      0      2     12    56       1      4.77    4.17  3.70   4.06

What do you like best about this course?:

Dr. Z is a wonderful professor and makes learning the information fun.

Dr. Z is a great instructor. Even on days with little to no sleep, I can pay attention in his class.

The professor was very interesting... he made me WANT to be in class and i actually DID learn from being in lecture...

The instructor is effective at teaching raw material and has an interest in every student's attitude and success.

He taught very well and added in some jokes. Learning by example is how I do well.

the professor, and how much he was willing to help us out.

The course matter is very interesting

He keeps our attention very well.

Dr. Z is very clear when it comes to explaining the different methods in calculus that we were learning. His emphasis on the important material (indicated by the slow and loud way that he says the words) allowed me to focus on what's important and what is not.

dr. z's teaching methods and tutoring instead of office hours

the teaching style and good recource of the every test.

Dr. Z was the most inspirational professor I have ever seen in the math department, he is adamant about getting his students to pass and loves to help

Dr. Z. He is one of the best professors I have had at Rutgers and I wish I could take him for all of my classes.

Professor Zeilberger.

Very straightforward, material is presented clearly and effectively.

I like how the teacher teaches it. He makes it very interesting.

Professor Zeilberger makes you want to learn calculus and try your very best to get it.

Professor Z is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered.

I liked the mathematics part of it, and how the teacher makes it easy to understand the material.

Dr. Z is the best.

Dr. Z

Dr. Z

Keeps everyone awake

Dr. Z's approachability and availability to his students. He motivates and prepares his students SOO well. He is the reason why I have mastered calc I and III. His early morning tutoring secessions are of a great help. I wish all teachers were as dedicated to their students and as good at teaching as Dr. Z

The instructor's personality, teaching techniqes, and desire to have his students succeed are all amazing.

The professor


Lecture. Very interesting.

Learned a great deal about the subject.

Professors teaching.


The Professor.

Lectures were very interesting and engaging.

Dr Z has a genuine interest in seeing the students succeed. He goes out of his way to offering extra tutoring twice a week that really helped me.

I think the fact that the teacher offers opportunities to pass the class for those like me struggling through the course.

The professor made himself extremely available for help. He explained concepts well, and showed interest in making sure that the students understood.

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

I would do nothing differently. I'd try and mimic Dr. Z as closely as possible.

I could never teach it as well as him. I don't know of anyone that can.

Can't really change much...




Later classes.


5 classes per week of 3 hours instead of 2 per week of 1 hour 20 minutes.

Absolutely nothing. Excellent teacher/course.

Nothing differently. The teacher is great.

Not a thing.

Maybe write neater, but other than that, I would stay the same.



absolutely nothing!


Pretty much nothing. He did almost everything fairly and made students like math and study.

Grades were assessed in a slightly wacky manner. Certain things were weighted disproportionately higher or lower than they should have been. On exams, point deductions seemed arbitrary and sometimes unfair (and I got an A on both exams, so I'm not someone with a D complaining).

nothing really; I would just keep it the way it is.


Put at least a little curve into the class

Start the attendence quiz a little earlier so we get out on time.


Nothing, Dr. Z taught the class well.

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

Calc is fun with Dr. Z. I am definitely more motivated in his class than any of my others.

My knowledge in multivar has been smooth sailing.

I was able to learn all the course material

He is very enthusiastic about the material

I did not really enjoy math classes previous to taking this course. Dr. Z. has made me appreciate calculus and everything that can be achieved with it.

Professor Zeilberger gets more excited about LaGrange multipliers than most people do about the birth of their children. I'm certain that, if he ever solved the P versus NP problem, he would never sleep again.

Encourages student learning through well thought out examples, homework problems, and labs.

He encouraged me to pursue my interest in mathematics.

Doctor Zeilberger makes you see your potential in doing math and in the process you realize that it isn't hard.

It encouraged me to probably do a mathematics/statistics major from my interest in his math class.

He has definitely provided the best experience overall thus far at RU.

Tutoring sessions encouraged me to ask questions. Dr. Z also encouraged students to attend class and pay full attention.

Well some of the concepts we learn in class are not so tangible but Dr. Z has made it possible for us to understand the ideas and the mathematics behind it.

by constantly pushing me to do better and to go above and beyond that which I thought I was capable of. The combination of his strict attendance/homework policy, handouts, tutoring, and practice exam make each students success guaranteed so long as they comply

everything he does is just great. he is a very good teacher.

Prepared me well for next level math course.

The instructor's step by step problem solving process has encouraged my intellectual growth and process.

He keeps the course entertaining and is there to help the students. It is obvious his goal is to promote learning.

Stressed key points.

I love math, it is my favorite subject. I think the teacher has definitely kept my interest in math until this day.

He has made me have an interest in mathematics again.

Dr. Z is a great lecture that strongly encourages learning of the material and makes sure all of his students are prepared to move on to higher level math courses

Other comments or suggestions::

Great professor! I learned alot. He is very enthusiastic about Multivariable calculus.

A wonderful teacher

Rutgers should strive to fill its classrooms with other professors of Zeilberger's enthusiasm and competence. The man is amazing.

Dr. Zeilberger is a wonderful professor. Very organized and helpful. He holds "free tutoring" sessions twice a week in lieu of office hours, which is very nice and is also very beneficial for all students who choose to attend. Overall, Dr. Z is a fantastic teacher.

He's amazing.

Great teacher, one of the best i've had EVER

Dr. Z is great! Always willing to help students, really helpful, funny, loud, ... He made Calculus 3 much more interesting and fun. Thank you Dr. Z.

Dr. Z is the best teacher I have EVER had

I suggest for every student in Multi variable Calc. to pick this Professor

He is great becaeu he gets to know his class no matter how many people are in the class. He always gets the class envolved. He is awsome!!! :)

Stop taking the class outside! On nice days we'd have to go outside and stand on the muddy grass. I have poor hearing and with the wind and the open space I found it very difficult to hear Dr. Z or to get anything out of the lectures that were held outside.

Dr.Z is the best

the best professor at rutgers, hands down.

I love the teacher's personality, it is hilarious and keeps the course interesting, but I think he should be a little more prudent when speaking to students. It is not appropriate to shout out a student's grade in front of the class especially if it is low. I personally would be very embarrassed because I find that as personal between the teacher and the student.

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