The Second Chance Club For Exam I, for Math 354(3), Fall 2023 (Dr. Z.)    .  

First Posted: Nov. 3, 2023

The benefits of becoming a member

If you qualify for membership, then your course grade will be computed in two ways. The first way is the usual way, counting everything, the second way only using the grades on Exam 2, and the quizzes (and the 20 points for a neat and organized notebook) and the Final exam divided by 400 and multiplied by 500.

Whatever is higher, is your final course score that would determine your grade, according to the scale:

450-500:A ;   420-449: B+ ;   390-419: B ;   360-389: C+ ;   315-359: C ;   270-314: D ;   0-269: F . No Curve!.

How to qualify to be a member of the SCC for Exam I

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