From Genius to Genius: A Walking Tour in Princeton

By Hadas Zeilberger.

Have you ever wanted to see the homes of the countless geniuses who have at one time lived in Princeton? Well now you can see them all in just one long walk or short bike trip. From Einstein, the smartest man in history, through Woodrow Wilson, to the great logician Kurt Gödel, you can see the outsides of what once were houses of the greatest people. Please note that they are all private residences today, except 1 and 6. Please respect the privacy of the current residents.

The list of the Geniuses in order of the route

  1. Institute of Advanced study , Einstein Drive (formerly Olden Lane), where Einstein, Gödel, von Neumann, Beurling, and many other geniuses worked. Einstein's office (and later Beurling's) was Fuld Hall 115.

  2. The great complex analyst and code-breaker, Arne Beurling, 102 Battle Road Circle.

  3. The inventor of TV, who ended up hating it, W. Zworkyn, 103 Battle Road Circle.

  4. The person who wrote the music to Harlan Page Peck's "Old Nassau", Karl Langlotz, 160 Mercer St.

  5. The greatest genius of them all, Albert Einstein, 112 Mercer St.

  6. The great German writer, Thomas Mann, corner of Stockton St. (route 206) and Library Place. [The Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Student Center].

  7. The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson , 82 Library Place.

  8. The inventor of Game Theory and computer pioneer, John von Neumann, 26 Westcott Rd.

  9. You can visit Gödel and von Neumann's grave in the Princeton Cemetery, Greenview Ave., (Off Hamilton St., a block from the corner with Witherspoon St.)

  10. The great logician, of Church-Turing fame, Alonzo Church, 30 Jefferson Rd.

  11. The greatest logician since Aristotle, Kurt Gödel , 145 Linden Lane.


(also see map below)
  1. From #1 (Institute for Advanced Study) to #2 (Beurling) you go left on Einstein Drive, then follow the road until you reach 102 Battle Road Circle.

  2. From #2 (Beurling) to #3 (Zworkyn) you go right next door to 103 Battle Road Circle

  3. From #3 (Zworkyn) to #4 (Langlotz) you go back on Battle Road Circle the same way you came until you reach Battle Road which you take a left on. You go straight on Battle Road then take a left on Olden Lane then almost immediately a right on Mercer. Go straight on Mercer until you reach 160 Mercer St, one house past the corner with Springdale.

  4. From #4 (Langlotz) to #5 (Einstein) you keep going on Mercer until you reach 112 Mercer St.

  5. From #5 (Einstein) to #6 (Mann), Go on Mercer Street, then turn left on Library Place until you reach Stockton St. (Rt. 206). It is on the corner and is currently a Catholic Student Center.

  6. From #6 (Mann) to #7 (Wilson) you cross the street and go down a couple of houses.

  7. From #7 (Wilson) to #8 (Von Neumann) you go on Library Place, that merges into Westcott Rd. You keep going untill you reach 26 Westcott, which is near the corner with Rt. 206, right across from Wilson Rd. [The number is not visible from the road, but the house opposite it (on the corner of Wilson), is number 27.
  8. From #8 (Von Neumann) to #9 (cemetery), you turn right on Rt. 206 (Bayard) (after you carefully cross the busy road), and make a left on Paul Robeson Place (right at the YMCA/YWCA Bldg.). Robeson Place later later becomes Hamilton. You go straight on Hamilton, past Witherspoon, and make a left on Greenview, until you reach the entrance to the Princeton Cemetery.

  9. From #9 (Cemetery) to #10 (Church) you go straight on Hamilton and make a left on Jefferson, walking to #30, which is on the left hand side.

  10. Go back to Hamilton, and make a left, continuing in the same direction as before, until you reach Linden Lane. Make a left on Linden Lane, until you arrive at 145 Linden Lane (Gödel). The number is not visible, but it is between 141 and 149, and the house opposite it is 146. It is the second house from the intersection with Franklin.
Click here for the map of the route