Picture 12 From Gitti Weiss's 90th Birthday

All the pictures in this collection were taken by Tom Furstenberg, Jr.

At the party at Matti and Nilli Weiss's house (Jan. 11, 2003).

Sitted on the floor (from Left to Right):?,?, Matti Weiss, dog(?), sitted on chair: Michal Barkai (Anron's wife). Sitted on the floor facing camer (from Left to Right): Nilli Weiss, The Barkai girls, Arnon Barkai; Sitting on chairs, facing camera (from Left to Right): Nilli Wiess's sister, Nilli Weiss's father, Nilli Weiss's mother, Guy Ayalon (holding his baby daughter Tom Ayalon), Merav Ayalon, Guy Ayalon's wife, Michal Ayalon, Bill Howson, Sister Kathy Wolff.

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