Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Survey
Spring 2013
(Online Survey)

 16:640:640:01   46867       Zeilberger D  
         ENROLL=   15       RESP=  13 (86%)     STRONGLY                    STRONGLY  # OF     MEAN    MEAN  MEAN   MEAN       
                                                DISAGREE        NEUTRAL       AGREE     NO      OF      OF    OF     OF      
PART A: UNIVERSITY-WIDE QUESTIONS:                   1      2      3      4     5   RESPONSES SECTION COURSE DEPT   LEVEL   

  1. The instructor was prepared for class and     
     presented the material in an organized manner   0      0      0      2    11       0      4.85    4.85  4.79   4.83
  2. The instructor responded effectively to       
     student comments and questions                  0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.79   4.94
  3. The instructor generated interest in the      
     course material                                 0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.70   4.94
  4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward 
     assisting all students in understanding       
     course material                                 0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.80   4.94
  5. The instructor assigned grades fairly           0      0      0      0    12       1      5.00    5.00  4.79   4.94
  6. The instructional methods encouraged student  
     learning                                        0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.54   4.94
  7. I learned a great deal in this course           0      0      0      1    12       0      4.92    4.92  4.73   4.89
  8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject  
     matter and wanted to take this course           0      0      0      1    12       0      4.92    4.92  4.48   4.89
                                                   POOR                     EXCELLENT
  9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the      
     instructor as                                   0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.70   4.94
 10. I rate the overall quality of the course as     0      0      0      0    13       0      5.00    5.00  4.75   4.95

What do you like best about this course?:

Prof. Z. helps students at all levels to learn as much as possible.

The various problems from this course have spawned many interesting discussions outside of class, and the sheer number of open problems in these areas could keep us busy for the rest of our lives.

I like the structure and the material covered.

Dr. Zeilberger's enthusiasm for the material.

the comments and typos

Really interesting material, and Dr. Z is a wonderful lecturer. Coming to class was always fun, as well as mathematically interesting.

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

nothing different!

I would occasionally prepare some code ahead of time that may be less instructive and more of a waste of time if we went over it in class.

It's hard to say what I would do differently... The thing I liked least about the course was the weekly homework. But homework is good for you, and as an instructor, it's "obviously" a good idea.

Nothing. I don't see how one could could improve upon Dr. Z's presentation.

Add more time to the lecture.

more torus lines


I would make people start the projects sooner and require regular progress reports to encourage people to work on them over the course of the class.

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

Dr. Z. is an inspirational instructor

I learned how to program in Maple, a language I had not used thus far. Every additional programming language one knows is a valuable tool in life. Also, I have received a good introduction to experimental mathematics as a topic.

Dr. Z is great.

My master's thesis is going to be based of game theory principles

in all of the ways. Like, every way possible.

I've learned a lot about useful experimental mathematics can be, and will find ways to incorporate it into my future work. I'm also excited to complete my final project for the class!

Other comments or suggestions::

Some of the homework problems were very interesting. I wish I had had time to work on more of the optional ones, as I would have loved to mess around with these. My volume of work from other courses was restrictive to this regard.

Again, Dr. Z is great. I don't know if anybody ever reads these things, but if so, Dr. Z is great! A real gem as an instructor and an asset to the university.

A most excellent course.

Best teacher at Rutgers

Class was very fun - easily one of the best classes I've ever taken.

Compared to when I took this class before, I think there is a little bit less emphasis on pure experimentation. I'd rather focus on new stuff, instead of reprogram an algorithm to solve systems of linear equations. The more time we spend on cutting-edge research, the better.