Home Page for the Book "A=B"

by MarkoPetkovsek (1955-2023) , Herbert Wilf (1931-2012) and Doron Zeilberger (b. 1950)

with a Foreword by Donald E. Knuth


About the Book

"A=B" is about identities in general, and hypergeometric identities in particular, with emphasis on computer methods of discovery and proof. The book describes a number of algorithms for doing these tasks, and we intend to maintain the latest versions of the programs that carry out these algorithms on this page. So be sure to consult this page from time to time, and help yourself to the latest versions of the programs.

 In addition to programs, we will post here other items of interest relating to the book, such as the current errata sheet (see below). The other side of the coin is that we invite your comments about the content of the book, the programs, any errors that you may discover, or whatever. You can send us your comments by e-mail if you wish.

The book is a selection of the Library of Science.

A Japanese translation of A=B, by Toppan Co., Ltd., appeared in November of 1997.

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