Lie Group/Quantum Math Seminar

Lie Group/Quantum Mathematics Seminar

Organizers Lisa Carbone, Yi-Zhi Huang, Jim Lepowsky and Siddhartha Sahi.

Time Friday, 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

Place Hill 705.

Starting from Spring, 2008, the Lie Group Seminar and Quantum Mathematics Seminar have merged together to a single seminar called the Lie Group/Quantum Mathematics Seminar. This seminar also has a page Lie Groups Quantum Mathematics Seminar, maintained by For the Lie Group/Quantum Mathematics seminar in previous semesters, see this page. For talks in the Quantum Mathematics Seminar from Spring, 1998 to Fall, 2007, see this page. For a few years before 2008, the Quantum Mathematics Seminar shared the time and place with the Algebra Seminar. For talks in both the Algebra and Quantum Mathematics Seminars in these few semesters, see the page for the Previous Rutgers Algebra Seminars. For all the seminars and colloquia in the department, see the Seminars and Colloquia page.

Spring, 2020

  • Speaker Yi-Zhi Huang, Rutgers University
    • Title Twisted affine Lie algebras and twisted modules
    • Time/place 2/28/2020, Friday, 12:00 in Hill 705
    • Abstract I will introduce a twisted affine Lie algebra associated to a semisimple finite-diemnsional Lie algebra g and an automorphism of g. In the case that the automorphism acts on g nonsemisimply, the commutator formula for the twisted affine Lie algebra has an additional term in the center involving the unipotent part of the automorphism. I will then discuss results on the relation between twisted modules for the corresponding vertex operator algebras and suitable modules for the twisted affine Lie algebra. These results reduce the study of twisted modules for these vertex operator algebras to the study of suitable modules for the twisted affine Lie algebra. The proofs of these results use the universal lower-bounded twisted modules constructed by me last year.

  • Speaker Lisa Carbone, Rutgers University
    • Title Associating groups to infinite dimensional Lie algebras
    • Time/place 3/13/2020, Friday, 12:00 in Hill 705 (canceled)
    • Abstract We consider the question of associating the analogs of Lie groups to infinite dimensional Lie algebras of Kac-Moody and Borcherds type. We discuss the obstructions in infinite dimensions and some methods for addressing them.

  • Speaker Thomas Gemünden, ETH Zurich
    • Title
    • Time/place 4/3/2020, Friday, 12:00 in Hill 705 (canceled)
    • Abstract

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