Fred Almgren Memorial "Mayday" Race - Winners

Fred Almgren Memorial "Mayday" Relay Race Statistics

Year teams Winning teams time Year teams Winning teams time Year teams Winning teams time
19765RU Math grads2:55* 19777P. Math faculty A2:57 19788RU Math grads 2:57
19796RU Math grads 2:42 19806P. Popn. Biology2:36 19818P. Popn. Biology2:37
19828P. Popn Biology2:34 19838P. Undergrads 2:44 19847P. Math faculty 2:39
19857P. Math Psychologists2:23* 19869Comp. Economists2:22 19876Comp. Economists2:27
19884P. Geology grads2:34 19895RU Math faculty A2:34 19903RU Math team A2:45
19916IDA 2:50 19926Inst. Adv. Study2:54 19931RU Math Dept.3:00
19943P. Math grads3:07 19953P. Math team A2:57 19965P. Math team 23:02
19978P. Math A2:50 19988P. Math A2:33 19996P. Math A3:00*
20006P. Math A2:57 20019P. Physics2:38* 20028P. Physics2:33
20036RU Math grads3:07* 20043RU Math A3:11 20058RU Physics3:00
20066PU Psych2:59 200715PU Comp. Sci.2:47 200811RU Math FFT2:48
200911PU Psych et al2:40* 201011P. Running Club2:37 201111P. Physics2:39
2012 6P. Economics2:43 2013 9RU Math 2:58 2014 9RU Physics 2:52
2015 9RU Math&Physics (tie)3:03 2016 9RU Physics 2:52 2017 9PU Math 3:01
2018 9RU Math 2:53 2019 9PU Math 2:49* 2022 9RU Math 3:15
2023 9PU Math 2:43 2024 7NYU Math 2:50

In odd years (except 2009 and 2019), starting with 1999, the race has been 25.7 miles long, ending at Alexander Road.

* indicates a significantly different distance. In 1976, race started at Fine Hall. The 1985 race ended in Kingston.
During 1977-1998, the distance was about 50 yards longer in odd years (going from Rutgers to Princeton), since different exchange points are used in Kingston.
In 2019, the race ended 0.6 miles early at Washington Road, because of construction at Alexander Road.
In 2023, the race was 2.0 miles shorter, because the usual starting point (Landing Lane) was inaccessible.

More information about the race and its history can be found here,
Complete race results for several recent years can be found here,

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