Vladimir Retakh

PRESENT POSITION : Professor, Dept of Mathematics, Rutgers University


Ph.D. (Mathematics), Moscow Pedagogical Institute, 1973

M.A. (Math. Education, with honors), Moscow Pedagogical Institute, 1970


Fellow of the American Mathematical Society


Professor, Dept of Math., Rutgers U. (2002-present)
Asso Professor, Dept of Math., Rutgers U. (1999-2002)
Asst, Asso Professor, Dept. of Math. Sci., U. of Arkansas (1997-99)
Visiting Professor, Dept. of Math., Harvard U. (1996-97)
Fixed Term Professor, Dept of Math., Penn State Univ.(1995-96)
Visiting Asso Prof, Dept of Math., Oklahoma State Univ.(1994-95)
Visiting Scholar, Dept of Math., Harvard Univ. (1993-94)
Visiting Scholar, Rutgers Univ. (1994)
Dept Head, Institute for System Analysis, Moscow (1991-93)
Sen. Researcher, Sci. Council for Cybernetics, Moscow (1989-91)
Sen. Researcher, Institute of Environmental Research, Moscow (1988-89)
Sen. Researcher, Institute of Industrial Construction, Moscow(1973-88)


MFO Oberwolfach, Germany, July-Aug, 2014
CRM, Barcelona, June-July 2014
Univ. Angers (France), October 2013
Henri Poincare Institute, Paris, France, September 2013
Max-Planck-Institut , Bonn, Germany, July-August 2013
IHES, France, June-July 2013
MFO Oberwolfach, Germany, July-Aug, 2012
IHES, France, August 2011
Max-Planck-Institut , Bonn, Germany, August 2010
IHES, France, July 2010
Univ. Angers (France), March 2010
Univ. Angers (France), December 2008 - January 2009
MFO Oberwolfach, Germany, June-July, 2007
Newton Institute, Cambridge, England, 2006
Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn, Germany, 2006
MIT, Spring 2003
SISSA, Trieste, Italy, June 2003
University of Sydney, Australia, March 2003
Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn, Germany, 2002
IHES, France, 2001
Max-Planck-Institu, Bonn, Germany, 2001
MSRI, Berkeley, 2000
IHES, France, 1996, 1998
Univ. Marne-la-Valley, France 1994


NSA grant 2014-2015
The Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians (2013-2018)
NSA grant H98230-11-1-0136 (2011-2013)
NSA grant H98230-06-1-0028 (2005-2007)
London Math. Soc. Grant for visiting UK (2004)
NSA grant MDA 9040310047 (2002-2004)
NSF grant DMS-9970586 (1999-2002)
NSF grant DMS-9971763 (1999)
NSF grant DMS-9801278 (1998)
Arkansas Science and Technology Authority grant (1997-98)
AMS grant for mathematicians of former Soviet Union
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award 90-10-13

INVITED TALKS 1997-2004:

Colloquium Talk, Michigan State University, March 2014
Workshop ``Cluster Algebras and Related Topics", Oberwolfach, Germany, December 2013
Colloquium Talk, University of Angers, France, October 2013
Conference ``Words, Codes and Algebraic Combinatorics", Cetraro, Italy, July 2013
Seminaire de Geom'etrie et Quantification, Paris, June 2013
Conference ``Algebra, Combinatorics and Representation Theory", Boston, April 2013
Colloquium Talk, Temple University, April 2013
Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, Penn State, April 2012
MASS Colloquium, Penn State, April 2012
Combinatorics Seminar, MIT, March 2012
Oberseminar, MPIM, Bonn, August 2010
Math. Phys. Seminar, Univ. Lyon, France, March 2010
Algebra Seminar, Univ. Lyon, France, March 2010
Lie groups Seminar, Cornell, February 2010
Colloquium talk, Cornell, February 2010
Conference ``Algebra and Topology in Interaction", UC Davis, September 2009
Seminaire Quantique, U. of Strasbourg (France), January 2009
Math. Physics Seminar, U. of Anger (France), January 2009
Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, Penn State, October 2008
MASS Colloquium, Penn State, October 2008
Intern. Conference on Vertex Operator Algebras and Related Areas, Illinois State Univ., Normal, Illinois, July 2008
Seminar "Geometry, Symmetry, and Physics", Yale, February, 2008
Combinatorics Seminar, MIT, October 2007
Combinatorics Seminar, U. of Michigan, October 2007
Seminar on Deformation Theory, UPenn, October 2007
AMS Conference, Rutgers, October 2007
Seminar on Deformation Theory, UPenn, March 2007
Course lectures "Advanced Course on Quasideterminants and Universal Localization", CRM, Barcelona, Spain, 2007
Conference "Trends in Noncommutative Geometry", Cambridge University, UK, 2006
Colloquium, Cornell University, November 2006 Lie Groups Seminar, Cornell University, November 2006
Seminar on Noncommutative Algebra and Geometry, Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn, Germany, August 2006
Seminar on Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics, Northeastern, May 2006
Montreal Colloquium, March 2006
Combinatorics Seminar, MIT, October 2005
Colloquium, Syracuse University, September 2005
Conference: Lie algebras, vertex operator algebras and their applications, North Carolina State Univ., May 2005
Colloquium, University of Oregon, March 2005
Colloquium, Brown University, December 2004
Infinite Dimensional Algebra Seminar, MIT, October 2004
Colloquium, Penn State, October 2004
MASS Colloquium, Penn State, October 2004
Colloquium, Penn State, October 2004
Number Theory Seminar, Penn State, October 2004
Algebra Seminar, Penn State, October 2004
Warwick Symposium on Noncommutative Algebra (two talks), Warwick, UK, July 2004
Colloquium talk, York Univ., York, UK, June 2004
Leeds Algebra Seminar, Leeds, UK, June 2004
European Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2004
Deformations Seminar, UPenn, March 2004
Analysis Seminar, Caltech, November 2003
Seminar on Infinite Algebras, MIT, October 2003
Colloquium talk, SISSA (Trieste), June 2003
Algebra Seminar, Northeastern U., May 2003
Colloquium talk, Georgia Tech, April 2003
Colloquium talk, Cornell, April 2003
Algebra Seminar, Australia National Univ., March 2003
Algebra Seminar, Univ. of Sydney, Australia, March 2003
Colloquium talk, Univ. of South Wales, Australia, March 2003
Seminar on Infinite Algebras, MIT, February 2003
AMS annual meeting (two talks), Baltimore, January 2003
AMS regional meeting, Boston, October 2002
Seminar "Geometric Langlands Theory", Univ. of Chicago, April, 2002
Combinatorics Seminar, UQAM, Montreal, Canada, March 2002
Algebra Seminar, Univ. of Oregon, January 2002
AMS regional meeting, Williamstown, October 2001
Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn, Germany, 2001
Seminar "Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics", Northeastern Univ., May 2001
AMS regional meeting, Section on Deformation Theory, March 2001
Combinatorics seminar, Univ. of Michigan, March 2001
Conference "Quantum and Quasi-classical Structures", Fields Institute, Toronto, Jan 2001
Colloquium talk, Yale Univ., October 2000
MSRI, Berkeley, June 2000
UPenn, November 1999
Colloquium Talk, Kansas State, April 1999
 Univ. of Quebec, Montreal, November 1998
 IHES, France, July 1998
 5-th International Symposium on Effective Methods is Algebraic Geometry, Saint Malo, France; June 1998
 Center of Theoretical Physics, Marseille, France, June 1998
 Institute Henri Poincare, Paris, France, June 1998
 Brigham Young University, May 1998
 Colloquium Talk, February  1998, New Mexico State Univ.;
 Twente Conference on Lie Groups, Dec 1997, Twente, The Netherlands;
 Pacific-Northwest Geometry Seminar, Oct 1997, Portland;
 Special Series of Lectures,  Febr - April 1997, Harvard Univ.;
 Seminar on Algebraic Geometry, April 1997, Univ. of Michigan;
 Colloquium talk, April 1997, Wayne State Univ.;
 Seminar on Math. Physics, March 1997, Univ. of Montreal;
 Seminar on Combinatorics, March 1997, UQAM, Montreal;
Colloquium talk, Jan 1997, Penn State University


Member, Editorial Board, Selecta Mathematica (2001-present)
Field Editor, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (electronic journal) (2000-present)
Member, Editorial Board, J. of Nonlinear Math Physics (1998 - 2001)
Reviewer: Advances in Math., Duke Math. J, J. of Pure Appl. Algebra, Intern. Math. Res. Notes, Linear algebra and Applications
Member, A Committee for Promotion Math., MSRI, 2003-2004
Co-Organizer, Conference "Unity of Mathematics", Harvard - MIT - Rutgers, 08/31-09/04, Boston, 2003
Organizer, Conference on Complex Dynamics (supported by NSF), U. of Arkansas,1999.
Organizer, Conference on Combinatorial Methods in Algebra (supported by NSF),U.of Arkansas, 1998
Chair, Subcommittee of Mathematical Education, AMS Committee for fSU Aid (1993-96)


  Member, Personnel and Planning Committee (2003-present)
  Coordinator, Math 151-152 (2000 - Spring 2004)
  Member, Graduate and Undergraduate Committee (2000-2002)
  Member and Chair, Written Qualifying Exam Committee (2000-2002, 2004)
  Mentor, VIGRE Program, 2000


 Member, Appointments and Promotions Committee (2001-present)


 Consultant,  Rosenbaum Foundation  (1995-present)
 Consultant (Math Education), Middle School 2, Paterson, NJ (2000-2001)
 Invited Presentation, Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium Conference for Teachers, Cherry Hill, NJ, April 2001
 Teachers' training: Chicago, August 2000; Paterson, New Jersey, Fall 2000
 Member of the Advisory Board, Mathematics Foundation of America (1996-1998)
 Invited talk, AAAS, Annual meeting, Atlanta, 1995

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