Math 300 page

Updated May 2, 2015


List of review problems for the final exam.

List of review problems for the April 24 midterm.

List of review problems for the March 6 midterm.

Guidelines for writing mathematics and homework resentation.

Notes for Lecture 1.

Notes for Lecture 2.

Notes for Lectures 2, 3 and 4. (These notes consist of an improved version of the notes for Lecture 2, plus the Lecture 3 and 4 notes. In particular, this supersedes the Lecture 2 notes.)

Notes for Lecture 5.

Notes for Lecture 6.

Notes for the February 24 lecture by Prof. Lisa Carbone.

Notes for the February 27 lecture by Prof. Lisa Carbone.

Notes for the lecture on well-ordering.

Notes for the lectures on the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. (This is a preliminary, incomplete version, probably full of typos.)

Information about the course, including the syllabus.

Homework assignment No. 1, due on Tuesday January 27.

Homework assignment No. 2, due on Friday February 6. NOTICE THAT THE DUE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED

Homework assignment No. 3, due on Tuesday February 10.

Homework assignment No. 4, due on Friday February 20.

Homework assignment No. 5, due on Tuesday February 24.

Homework assignment No. 6, due on Tuesday March 3.

Homework assignment No. 7, due on Tuesday March 31.

Homework assignment No. 8, due on Friday April 10.

Homework assignment No. 9, due on Friday April 17.

My course on INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICAL REASONING (Mathematics 300, Sections 03 and 04) meets on Tuesday and Friday. (Section 03: 2nd period, 10:20 AM-11:40 AM, in ARC-108, Busch Campus; Section 04: 3rd period, 12:00 PM-1:20 PM, in SEC-216, Busch Campus.)

  • INSTRUCTOR'S NOTES AND TEXTBOOK :   We will be using

    The material of the instructor's notes is the main reading for the course.

    Students are advised to read the book as well, in order to get an alternative perspective on the material of the course, but the main reading is the instructor's notes.

    Students should bring printouts of the notes to every lecture.

  • HOMEWORK:    Homework will be due every Tuesday. All the homework problems assigned during a given week will be due on Tuesday of the following week. In particular, the first homework assignment is due on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

    A very important note explaning in detail the specifications you must follow for your homework is available. Click here.

    The list of homework problems for each week will be posted in this page.

    Click here for Homework assignment No. 1, due on Tuesday January 27.

  • THE FINAL GRADE:    The final grade will be determined by taking into account the grades for the midterms, the grade for the final exam. the grades for homework, and class attendance.

  • ACADEMIC INTEGRITY POLICY: Follow this link.

  • STUDENT ABSENCE POLICY: Follow this link.


  • THE SYLLABUS:    You can find the course syllabus, and a lot of other information about the course, by clicking here.

    Click here for the notes for Lecture 1. and here for the notes for Lecture 2.