Rutgers 2011 MAMLS Conference

The Fall 2011 MAMLS Meeting, which takes place at Rutgers University on October 22-23, 2011, will be dedicated to the memory of Greg Hjorth. The invited speakers include Su Gao, Alexander Kechris, Itay Neeman, Saharon Shelah, John Steel, Asger Tornquist and Hugh Woodin.

The lectures will take place in Room 705 in Hill Center on Busch Campus. For those of you who are coming by train, you can get to Hill Center from the train station by taxi in 10 minutes, or by a FREE campus bus which leaves for Busch every 35 minutes. To reach a campus bus stop from the train station at Albany and Easton, walk uphill on Easton Ave. and turn right onto Hamilton Street at the second traffic light. Walk one block and you will see the campus bus shelter on your left. Take the "All Campuses" Bus and get off at the Hill Center. For those of you who are coming by car, a link to directions to Hill Center can be found at the bottom of this page. You may park your car in Lots 60A, 60B and 64. No permits are required.

Map showing route to campus bus station

For information on how to apply for travel support, follow the link at the bottom of this page. While graduate students, young researchers, female mathematicians and members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply for travel support, it should be stressed that any participants without their own sources of funding are eligible to apply. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis within the limits of the budget.

The conference will be supported by Rutgers University through the generosity of Mark Gordon and by NSF funds via MAMLS administered through CUNY by Arthur Apter.

Saturday, October 22nd

Sunday, October 23rd

Directions to Hill Center Travel Support (Graduate/other)
Lodging Restaurants