Graph Theory



Instructor: Shubhangi Saraf


Timing: Tuesday, Friday:  10:20 – 11:40 am

Location:  online via zoom (email me if you need a link)

Office hours: by appointment

Prerequisites: Basic combinatorics, basic linear algebra, mathematical maturity


Description: This course will serve as a graduate course in graph theory. For a large part of the course we will follow the text by Bela Bollobas on Modern Graph Theory. Some of the topics we will cover include: Matchings, cuts, flows, connectivity, planar graphs, graph colorings, random graphs, extremal graph theory, Ramsey theory, linear algebra methods, and expander graphs

Problem sets will be posted every 2-3 weeks.

Recommended Text: Modern graph theory by Bela Bollobas

Also available online: Graph Theory by Reinhard Diestel


Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

















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