Shaun R. Harker
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Mathematics
Rutgers University

Hill Center, Room 226
sharker [at]


My research focus is in the intersection of computer science and applied dynamical systems theory. Under the direction of Konstantin Mischaikow, I helped design and implement new computational homology algorithms (CHomP) which are now recognized as the cutting edge methods in use today. In addition, our group has applied these algebraic topology tools to computational dynamics, creating software (CONLEY-MORSE-DATABASE) which produces queryable descriptions of global dynamics. These techniques are now finding use in analyzing the behaviors of regulatory networks -- in particular the genetic regulatory networks pertaining to cancer and malaria -- and we are actively developing specialized tools to investigate these systems using these new techniques (DSGRN).


Computational Homology software using discrete Morse theory can be found here: DSGRN.


Computational Homology software using discrete Morse theory can be found here: CHomP.


The cluster-delegator project helps write C++ code for distributed computations on clusters.

Here is documentation.


The conley-morse-database project is a tool for making a database of dynamical information given a user-supplied parametrized dynamical system.

Here is documentation.


A project to analyze the output generated by conley-morse-database. This is still in early development and uses the Mac OS X Cocoa API. It should eventually be ported to GNUStep so it can work on Windows and Linux.

Here is a screenshot:

database explorer screenshot