Introductory Linear Algebra

Math 250 Section C2

Spring 2021

Instructor: Surya Teja Gavva
Lectures: Monday, Thursday 9:50 am- 11:10 am, Canvas (Zoom).
Zoom meeting information can be accessed through Canvas.
Office: Canvas

Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday 2-3:30 pm.
Please email for additional appointments. 
TA at Large:  There are additional office hours by our TA Yuxuan Yang  
Monday: 2-4pm

Website:  I’ll post all the announcements, assignments, and other resources for the class on Canvas/Modules. Please make sure you check the site regularly.
Prerequisites: CALC2 or 01:640:136 or 138.
Textbook and References: Spence, Insel & Friedberg Elementary LinearAlgebra: A Matrix Approach, 2nd Edition ISBN # 978-0-13-187141-0, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. More references will be posted on Canvas/Modules
Homework: Suggested HW from the Textbook
Matlab: There will be 6-7 Matlab assignments for submission.
Course Objectives: This course covers introductory topics in linear algebra with emphasis on matrices. The topics include Vectors in n-space, systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, span and linear independence of a set of vectors, matrix algebra, determinants, subspaces of n-space, basis and dimension, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization of a matrix, the geometry of vectors, projections, orthogonal sets of vectors, symmetric matrices, and applications.



History of Linear Algebra:

Grassmann and Linear Algebra

The Growing Importance of Linear Algebra in Undergraduate Mathematics

Applications of Linear Algebra:

Computational Linear Algebra with Applications


Video Resources: 


Khan Academy:

MIT OCW (Gilbert Strang) :

Curated Videos:





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