Math 135 Fall 2019

Lecturer Information:

Recitation Instructor Information:

Meeting Times:

 Lectures: At Voorhees Hall Room 105, College Ave Campus.

Recitations: Tuesdays

Department Course Pages:

All students are responsible for reading the content of these pages:

Graded HW (MathXL)

Graded HW will be done online on MathXL. Read about this on the common course page. 

The MathXL course-ID unique to sections 46-48 is: XL3E-717U-0022-5VK2
(The course name on MathXL is: Math 135 Calculus I --Sec 46-48--Fall 2019)

Keep up on MathXL. Assignment deadlines might not separately announced.


Students should also focus on the official Homework Exercises to do well on the final exam.

Exam Dates:


  1. Do not fall behind - it is very hard to catch up in a math course.
  2. Seek help through office hours of the instructor/Recitation instructor.
  3. Use recitation time to validate your learning - work out most of the problems from the homework problem list to the relevant sections before you got to the recitation.
  4. Ask questions!
  5. Although homework is online, keep a book where you work out the problems systematically. Remember, exams are written exams, where just getting the final answer is not enough.


All common policies shown on the Math 135 page applies to our sections also. We mention some policies here. Some that are already mentioned in the common course page are repeated here, for emphasis.

  1. Cellphone and laptop use will not be permitted during lectures and recitations. Tablets to take notes will be allowed.
  2. There will be no make-up quizzes. Instead, 2 lowest quiz scores will be dropped.
  3. In case of absence in midterms with a valid documented excuse, performance on the final exam on those topics will be used to compute the score of the missed midterm.
  4. Recitation quizzes also serve to check attendance. Therefore, if  you intentionally miss a significant portion of the recitation (for example by arriving more than 30 minutes late), then the recitation instructor can refuse to give you the quiz.
  5. There will be no extensions to deadlines to the online homework on MathXL. However, an equivalent of two equivalent of essentially two of the 27 MathXL assignments will be dropped.
  6. In case of prolonged absence or absence due to religious or university event reasons, you should inform the instructor at the earliest possible.
  7. If you have a disability accommodation, you should get the paperwork completed and contact the ODS to schedule exams, at the earliest possible. Last minute efforts might lead to you not receiving the accommodation.
  8. After they are handed back in class, uncollected graded quizzes and exams will be kept only for a week and two weeks respectively (unless you email the recitation instructor/ me) with a valid excuse). For instance, you cannot ask for your first midterm just before the final exam.
  9. Make-up allowances will not be provided for absence due to circumstances that are in your control. For example, you are expected to stay for the entire duration of the semester. You cannot request a make-up exam because you already booked your flight.

Special accommodations:
Students with disabilities requesting accommodations must follow the procedures outlined by the Office of Disability Services.

Academic Integrity

All Rutgers students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the academic integrity policy. Violations of the policy are taken very seriously.


General Info


  1. Counseling, ADAP & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)(848) 932-7884 / 17 Senior Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901/  CAPS is a University mental health support service that includes counseling, alcohol and other drug assistance, and psychiatric services staffed by a team of professional within Rutgers Health services to support students’ efforts to succeed at Rutgers University. CAPS offers a variety of services that include: individual therapy, group therapy and workshops, crisis intervention, referral to specialists in the community and consultation and collaboration with campus partners.
  2. Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance (VPVA) (848) 932-1181 / 3 Bartlett Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 /    The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance provides confidential crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy for victims of sexual and relationship violence and stalking to students, staff and faculty. To reach staff during office hours when the university is open or to reach an advocate after hours, call 848-932-1181.
  3. Disability Services (848) 445-6800 / Lucy Stone Hall, Suite A145, Livingston Campus, 54 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854 /   Rutgers University welcomes students with disabilities into all of the University's educational programs. In order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, a student with a disability must contact the appropriate disability services office at the campus where you are officially enrolled, participate in an intake interview, and provide documentation: If the documentation supports your request for reasonable accommodations, your campus’s disability services office will provide you with a Letter of Accommodations. To begin this process, please complete the Registration form on the ODS web site at: