Introductory Linear Algebra

Math 250, section 11

Fall '14


Office Hours
Tuesdays and Fridays, 11-12pm
Also by appointment
Hill 626, Busch campus


Monday, Dec 15
Frelinghuysen B2 (Usual classroom)

Final Exam Review Sessions

Thursday, Dec 11
1-3pm in Frelinghuysen A1

Sunday, Dec 14
11am-1pm in Frelinghuysen A1

Monday, Nov 17 in class
Ch 3-5

Exam 2 Review Sessions

Friday, Nov 14
6-7:30pm in Scott 101

Sunday, Nov 16
12-1:30pm in Scott 101

Monday, Oct 13 in class
Ch 1, 2

Exam 1 Review Sessions

Friday, Oct 10
6-7:30pm in Scott 101

Sunday, Oct 12
12-1:30pm in Scott 101

Class material

What to know from Chapter 6

Practice problems for the Final (REVISED), and solutions

Exam 1 solutions, and Exam 2 solutions

Solutions to Practice Problems for Exam 2, the handout given in class.

Practice Exam 2, and its solutions
More practice problems for Exam 2 (with nicer determinants and characteristic polynomials to compute than in Practice Exam 2)

Some more examples of Diagonalisation

Practice Exam 1, and its solutions
Solutions to the Practice Problems from class


A link to the department's suggested homework problems for this class.

HW 1 (UPDATED) (due Wednesday, Sept 10) HW 2 (due Wednesday, Sept 17) HW 3 (due Wednesday, Sept 24) HW 4 (due Wednesday, Oct 1) HW 5 (due Wednesday, Oct 8) HW 6 (due Monday, Oct 27) HW 7 (UPDATED) (due Wednesday, Nov 5) HW 8 (UPDATED) (due Wednesday, Dec 3 Monday, Dec 8)

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