Franco Rota

Rutgers University

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Our Algebra and Geometry Learning Seminar (AnGeLS) is online!

There have been several reading groups over the years. Here is a list of past seminars I coordinated as a student at the University of Utah.

Expository writing

I had various occasions to write up some notes (studying on my own, our Algebraic geometry student seminar ...), here they are:

The derived category of coherent sheaves
Stability conditions
Symmetric products and the Hilbert scheme of points
Integral filtrations and equivariant C*-actions on sheaves of modules (study group with H. Chen and T. Goller)
A stab at homological mirror symmetry

Here are some slides for a talk I gave at our Undergraduate colloquium, Fractal patterns, game theory and Bali's rice terraces.


Here are other mathematically relevant links:

Seminar on geometry, symmetry, and physics
Rutgers Algebra Seminar
Vakil's list of upcoming conferences in algebraic geometry
The Arxiv
Algebraic geometry at the University of Utah