Franco Rota

Rutgers University

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I'm interested in derived categories, moduli spaces of sheaves, Bridgeland stability conditions, the stability manifold and its relation with mirror symmetric questions.

Publications - Preprints

  • A note on the Kuznetsov component of the Veronese double cone, with M.Petkovič (arxiv link)(2020).
  • Some Quot schemes in tilted hearts and moduli spaces of stable pairs, (arxiv link)(2020).
  • Characteristic classes and stability conditions for projective Kleinian orbisurfaces, with B. Lim (arxiv link)(2020).
  • Moduli spaces on the Kuznetsov component of Fano threefolds of index 2, with M. Altavilla and M.Petkovič (arxiv link)(2019).
  • The stability manifold of local orbifold elliptic quotients, (arxiv link)(2019).
  • An example of Berglund-Hübsch mirror symmetry for a Calabi-Yau complete intersection, with S. Filipazzi, published in Le matematiche (arxiv link)(2017).

In preparation

Motivic Semiorthogonal Decompositions for Abelian Varieties , with B. Lim.


Here is a poster about Bridgeland stability conditions on orbifold curves, and here is one about stability conditions on orbifold elliptic quotients.