Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar

This seminar gives graduate students the opportunity to hear and present talks on discrete mathematics, either on topics beyond a standard combinatorics class or on original research. GCS is meant to be a friendly, slightly informal speaking environment where questions are encouraged at all points throughout the talk. We only assume a basic general knowledge of combinatorics (at most, basic combinatorics one might learn in a single semester introductory course), so students in any area are welcome to attend.

Speakers for the GCS are welcome (from the math department, other departments, and elsewhere). Please email Quentin Dubroff at

quentin [dot] dubroff [at] rutgers [dot] edu
if you are interested in giving a talk. For tips on how to give a good math talk, see the wiki page. Speakers below are from the Department of Mathematics, unless otherwise noted.

Generously sponsored by DIMACS.

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Next Seminar:

Date: November 18th, 2020
Speaker: Robert Dougherty-Bliss
Time: 12:15PM
Place: Zoom: please email quentin [dot] dubroff [at] rutgers [dot] edu to be added to the mailing list
Title: Automagic Inverse Continued Fraction Calculators
Abstract: The well-exploited theory of SIMPLE continued fractions has produced some dazzling identities and wonderful irrationality proofs. The often-overlooked theory of GENERAL continued fractions is harder to champion, but just as, if not more, interesting. A recent project (viz. The Ramanujan Machine) tried to numerically "fit" general continued fractions to well-known constants, hoping to find very good rational approximations. To highlight the power of symbolic experimentation, I will tour us through automatically proving some of these conjectures and generalizing them to infinite families.

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