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Mingjia Yang

Welcome to my homepage! I have graduated from the Rutgers math PhD program in October, 2020. I was previlaged to be advised by Doron Zeilberger. My research projects during my PhD years were related to permutations, words and partitions. Here are my CV , research statement and abridged research statement.




Previously taught:
Summer 2020: Math 428 Graph Theory (Instructor)
Summer 2019: Math 251 Multivariable Calculus (Instructor)
Spring 2019: Math 250 (TA at Large)
Fall 2018: Math 244 (TA)
Spring 2018: Math 152 (TA)
Fall 2017: Math 251 (TA)
Summer 2016: Math 250 Introductory Linear Algebra (Instructor)
Spring 2016: Honors Math 152 (TA)
Fall 2015: Math 244 (TA)
Spring 2015: Math 135 (TA)
Fall 2014: Math 135 (TA)

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