Teaching, Mentoring, and Service

In Spring 2022 I am teaching Math 354, Section 04: Linear Optimization. I am an organizer of the Rutgers Topology/Geometry Seminar and math department coordinator for the DIMACS REU.

Other Activities

Previous courses:
Postdoctoral supervision:
  • A. Mallick (Starting Fall 2022).
  • K. Raoux (co-supervised with M. Hedden, Fall 2017-Spring 2021). Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute.
Graduate supervision:
Undergraduate research supervision through Rutgers's DIMACS REU:
  • Relationships between combinatorial knot invariants, Summer 2021.
  • Algebraic invariants of pretzel knots, Summer 2020. This project led to this paper.
Undergraduate research supervision through MSU's Exchange Research Program:
  • Combinatorial knot Floer homology and immersed curves, Fall 2017. Co-mentored with K. Raoux.
Undergraduate research supervision as a TA for the Columbia Topology REU:
  • Heegaard Floer Homology and the Fundamental Group, Summer 2013. Project Head: Jen Hom. This project led to this paper.
  • Knot Floer Homology and Concordance, Summer 2012. Project Heads: Jen Hom and Peter Horn.
  • Knot Floer Homology: Properties and Computations, Summer 2011. Project Head: Jen Hom. This project led to this paper.
Invited minicourses:
Conference organization:
Notable outreach:
  • In Summer 2018 and 2019 I ran a weeklong free-for-the-participants Girls' Topology Camp for middle school aged girls at MSU. This program will run again at Rutgers at such time as covid protocols allow it.
  • In Spring 2018 I presented at the Spartan Girls' Math and Science Day.
Past organizational roles:
  • From April-October 2020 I co-organized the Trends in Low-Dimensional Topology Seminar.
  • From Fall 2016-Spring 2019 I co-organized the MSU Geometry and Topology Seminar.
  • In Spring 2015 I organized the UCLA Topology Seminar.
  • From Fall 2011 to Spring 2013, I co-organized the Columbia Graduate Topology Seminar.