James Greene

Postdoctoral Fellow of Mathematics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Jim Greene

James Greene
Harold H. Martin Postdoctoral Fellow of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Rutgers University, Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019
Office: 216 Hill Center
Phone: 8484457263
Email: j {dot} c {dot} greene {at} rutgers {dot} edu

About Me

I am currently a postodoctoral fellow, mentored by Professor Eduardo Sontag, in the Department of Mathematics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Previously, I received doctoral degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland in College Park, where I completed my dissertation under the supervision of Professor Doron Levy. As an undergraduate, I studied at the Pennsylvania State University, where I received Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Physics.

I am an applied mathematician, with research interests focused primarily on modeling phenomena in the biological and medical sciences. In particular, I am interested in the evolution and dynamics of cancer, as well as the emergence of drug resistance in cancer chemotherapy. In my work, I combine mathematics with experimental data to understand the mechanisms that lead to resistant cancer cells, as well as to discover optimal treatment protocols. I enjoy combining techniques from various fields of mathematics, including Differential Equations, Control Theory, Numerical Analysis, Agent-Based Modeling, and Probability Theory.


J. Greene, D. Agrawal, and E. Sontag. Dynamics of Three-Body Chemical Reaction Networks, in preparation.

J. Greene, A. Silva, and E. Sontag. The Dynamics of the Proliferation Index in Mixture, in preparation.

J. Greene, C. Sanchez-Tapia, and E. Sontag. Mathematical Details on a Cancer Resistance Model, in preparation.

J. Greene, C. Sanchez-Tapia, and E. Sontag. Control Structures of Drug Resistance in Cancer Chemotherapy. Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec. 2018.

J. Greene, J. Gevertz, and E. Sontag. A Mathematical Approach to Different Spontaneous and Induced Evolution to Drug Resistance During Cancer Treatment, submitted.

V. H. Nagaraj, J. Greene, A.M. Sengupta, and E.S. Sontag. Translation Inhibition and Resource Balance in the Cell-Free Gene Expression System. Synthetic Biology, 2 (1): ysx005 (2017)

A. Silva, M. C. Silva, P. Sudalagunta, A. Distler, T. Jacobson, A. Collins, T. Nguyen, J. Song, D.T. Chen, L. Chen, C. Cubitt, R. Baz, L. Perez, D. Rebatchouk, W. Dalton, J. Greene, R. Gatenby, R. Gillies, E. Sontag, M. B. Meads and K. H. Shain. An Ex Vivo Platform for the Prediction of Clinical Response in Multiple Myeloma. Cancer Research, 77(12): 3336-3351 (2017).

J. Greene, D. Levy, S.P. Horrid, M. Gottesman, and O. Lavi, Mathematical Modeling Reveals that Changes to Local Cell Density Dynamically Modulate Baseline Variations in Cell Growth and Drug Response. Cancer Research, 76: 2882-2890 (2016)

J. Greene, D. Levy, K. L. Fung, P. Souza, M. Gottesman , and O. Lavi. Modeling Intrinsic Heterogeneity and Growth of Cancer. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 367: 262-277 (2015).

O. Lavi, J. Greene, D. Levy, and M. Gottesman. Simplifying the Complexity of Resistance Heterogeneity in Metastatic Cancer. Trends in Molecular Medicine, 20: 129-136 (2014).

J. Greene, O. Lavi, M. Gottesman, and D. Levy. The Impact of Cell Density and Mutations in a Model of Multidrug Resistance in Solid Tumors. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 74: 627-653 (2014).

O. Lavi, J. Greene, D. Levy, and M. Gottesman. The Role of Cell Density and Intratumoral Heterogeneity in Multidrug Resistance. Cancer Research, 73: 71687175 (2013).


Spring 2019: Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology (MATH 338)
Spring 2019: Mathematics of Cancer (MATH 495)
Fall 2018: Linear Algebra (MATH 350)
Spring 2018: Mathematics of Cancer (MATH 495)
Fall 2017: Elementary Differential Equations (MATH 252)
Fall 2017: Dynamical Models in Biology (MATH 336)
Spring 2017: Mathematics of Cancer (MATH 495)
Fall 2016: Elementary Differential Equations (MATH 252)
Fall 2016: Dynamical Models in Biology (MATH 336)
Spring 2016: Dynamical Models in Biology (MATH 336)
Spring 2016: Advanced Calculus for Engineering (MATH 421)