In Fall 2016, we will celebrate our colleague Gregory Cherlin's contributions to model theory. The invited speakers are

    Saharon Shelah,
    Angus Macintyre,
    Boris Zilber,
    Maryanthe Malliaris,
    Alexander Kechris,
    Thomas Scanlon,
    Lou van den Dries,
    Levon Haykazyan,
    Artem Chernikov,
    Zo Chatzidakis.


    Each talk is 50 minutes with 10 minutes devoted to questions and extras.

    Day 1. Friday September 30.

    All Friday talks will take place in Hill 705.

    9:00am--10:00am Saharon Shelah (Jerusalem, Rutgers)
    Title: The null ideal is not alone: craeture iteration for inaccessibles

    10:30am-11:30am Artem Chernikov (UCLA)
    Title: Shelah's classification and hypergraph regularity

    2:30pm--3:30pm Levon Haykazyan (Waterloo)
    Title: Excellence and Groups

    4:00pm--5:00pm Boris Zilber, cross listed as the colloquim talk. (Oxford)
    Title: On the geometric semantics of algebraic quantum mechanics

    Day 2. Saturday October 1.

    All Saturday talks will take place at Rutgers Conference Center.

    9:00am--10am Maryanthe Malliaris (Chicago)
    Title: The interplay of finite and infinite in Keisler's order

    10:30am--11:30am Lou van den Dries (Urbana)
    Title: Differential-henselianity

    2:30pm--3:30pm Aleksander Kechris (Caltech)
    Title: Descriptive graph combinatorics

    4:00pm-5:00pm Thomas Scanlon (Berkeley)
    Title: The distance between biinterpretability with ${\mathbb Z}$ and quasifinite axiomatizability for finitely generated rings

    Day 3. Sunday October 2.

    All Sunday talks will take place at Rutgers Conference Center.

    9:00am--10am Zo Chatzidakis (Paris)
    Title: Revisiting virtual difference ideals

    10:30am--11:30am Angus Macintyre (London)
    Title: On local and (quasi)semilocal rings connected to models of arithmetic, with emphasis on axioms and definability

    Parking Information.

    Visitors may park in Lot 74A. & Lot 82. without permits.


    Rutgers Conference Center is located in Douglass Campus. Here is the link.

    Hill Center is located in Busch Campus. Here is the link.

    While graduate students, young researchers, female mathematicians and members of under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply for travel support, it should be stressed that any participants without their own sources of funding are eligible to apply. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis within the limits of the budget. Please send an email to grigor at math dot rutgers dot edu

    The conference will be supported by the NSF. The full schedule will appear below.