Some practice questions for exams

I taught Math 503 in the fall 1997 semester. Part of the purpose of the course was to prepare students for our written qualifying exams. It is not current program policy to publish previous qualifying exams.

I've decided to offer a few questions this summer as practice for part of our written qualifying exam. These questions will be mostly about complex analysis. Students may present written solutions to me for written comments on each designated Friday. They may use the opportunity for simulating an exam situation (limiting time or use of references), or may use less rigorous conditions.

I'll pick up the solutions by the date indicated from my department mailbox on the third floor and try to "grade" them with comments. The solutions should be reasonably complete. I will try have the results available in an envelope on my office door (Hill 542) the following Monday. Students need not put names on their work, thus preserving their anonymity and minimizing my prejudices (!).

UPDATE (7/17) No one is giving me any problem solutions! And now I realize that due to other obligations I don't have much time!! So I will probably stop posting more problems, but I am willing to discuss solutions with students. Good luck!!!

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July 3rd In Postscript In gif
July 10th In Postscript In gif
July 17th In Postscript In gif

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