Further images ...

This picture and the one on my home page were taken by Nick Romanenko, a very patient and professional photographer working for Rutgers University. November, 2004

Scofflaw feeding the gulls
January, 2002; contributed by Cliff Reiter

A chocolate tribute
February, 2005. To celebrate a teaching award, Diane Yamate created this beautiful (5 pound!) chocolate plaque. She works with John Cunnell to create and market very tasty chocolates. They make both wonderful standard chocolate and terrific sugar-free chocolate. I shared the chocolate with students in my Math 135 and Math 403 classes.

Time marches on ...
July, 2009. This sign indicates my increasing fragility.

Time marches on ...
Also July, 2009. A New York City native walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time: a really lovely and interesting trek.

This page has a picture from summer 2001.

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And look here (down the page!) for another picture of (perhaps another!) Stephen Greenfield.

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