Math 251 in the spring, 1997, semester

I once again lectured and tried to help students learn Math 251, Multivariable Calculus, during the spring, 1997, semester. I tried to address the complications which our changes in instruction initiated in Math 251 during the fall, 1996, semester caused. Students in the fall suggested that there were too many textbook problems. I decreased the number of problems assigned by about 20%. I also made the fourth Maple assignment optional. But the workload of the course still seemed large. I also constructed and used Web pages for the course during the semester, which seemed only slightly helpful to students. Below are links to index pages for this course material, in both GIF and Postscript formats.

Math 251:01-03 (in GIF format) Math 251:01-03 (in Postscript format)

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