Math 152 in the spring, 1997, semester

We made significant changes in Math 151-2 during the academic year 1995-6. Further adjustments were made to Math 152 in the spring, 1997, semester. We dropped some topics (work, moments, and centers of mass) from the syllabus since we felt we didn't have time to discuss them adequately. We increased the time given to sequences, series, and Taylor's Theorem with applications. These topics are difficult and we're happier with the schedule used during this semester. We also increased the class time on differential equations to two full lectures, one on analytic methods (discussing uniqueness of solutions given initial conditions, separation of variables, and such applications as mixing problems) and one on geometric methods (discussing direction fields with application to asymptotic behavior of solution curves and solutions of the logistic equation with qualitative and analytic methods contrasted). Of course the changes in the syllabus led to some changes in the workshops and the exams. This and other material can be viewed through the links given below. Further refinement may be necessary concerning placement of some topics. For example, arc length of graphs of functions might appear together with arc length of parametric curves. Also, some topics from Math 251 might be moved to the end of Math 152, giving Math 251 a bit more room.

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