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The final exam Here is the final exam. I had planned that the final exam would be a simple affair, not really stressing people too much. I apparently miscopied the second problem. I thought that I had found it in a textbook, done the problem myself, and then checked the computation with Maple. I was wrong. People attempted various elaborate strategies and no one was successful. I can't find the exact value, either. I regret this very much. 12/23/2004
Preparation for the final Some questions, some of which will be on the exam to be given December 17.
In problem 1 the set P was defined wrong. The definition was corrected following a suggestion of Ms. Pfaff. Also, we now have a room for the final exam: SEC 220.
Homework #7 The last, the very very very last, homework set. It is due the last day of classes (December 13). Here is a TeX version.
The E in the material quoted from Remmert's text means the unit disc in C. I also changed R to C there. I thank Mr. Peters for calling my attention to this.
In that same problem copied from Remmert's text, the c in the unit disc must be a non-zero c. I fixed this in the version posted, and hope this will not confuse students too much. I thank Mr. Nan for calling my attention to this. I also fixed another error in that same section (found again by Mr. Nan) so now the mapping takes the unit disc to the unit disc. I think the problem is correct now. I am very sorry.
Homework #6 The next homework problem set. It is due the day after Thanksgiving but if that is a problem for you, please hand it in at the next class. Here is a TeX version. 11/17/2004
Some answers to the midterm exam Here are my answers to the midterm exam. There are certainly valid alternate methods to solve the problems.
The grades (10 points for each of 5 problems, so a total of 50 was possible) ranged from 23 to 47.9, with a mean of 36.92 and a median of 37.75.
Midterm exam The midterm exam 11/10/2004
Preparation for the midterm Some questions, some of which will be on the exam to be given November 10.
11/5/2004 Thanks to Yuan Zhang for pointing out that problem 3 was not correct as stated. A different version of the problem, which I believe is correct, has now been written and is posted here.
Homework #5 Due Wednesday, November 3. Here is a TeX version.
After a sequence of insistent, polite, and correct messages from Ms. Pfaff, the statement of Problem 7 has been revised.
Corrected version: 10/30/2004
Homework #4 Due Wednesday, October 20. Here is a TeX version.
10/10/2004 I thank Ming Shi for pointing out a rather silly error in the statement of problem 4b: the inf should be a sup. Both the PDF and TeX versions have been appropriately changed.
11/1/2004 5b) should have read non-vanishing instead of non-zero.
10/20/2004 Mr. Raff observed that almost surely I meant a vertical line in the very last part of the very last problem. Yes, I did, because I wanted the two curves to intersect in the domain, and then have you tell me what the image looks like. I wanted the line Re z=1/2.
I should have asked for pictures of the images of the two curves in each section of 6. I hope you "know" what the pictures should look like!
Corrected version: 10/10/2004
Another correction: 10/20/2004
More information for Homework #3 Here is some explanation for a phrase used without explanation in problem 2 of the recent homework assignment. 9/29/2004
Homework #3 Due Wednesday, October 6 9/27/2004
Homework #2 Due Wednesday, September 22 9/13/2004
Homework #1 Due Wednesday, September 8 9/2/2004
Information sheet A sheet to be passed out on the first day of class. 9/1/2004
Math 503 from the past A link to the course material from the last time I taught Math 503. Of interest may be the two written exams, and possibly the notes called The First Lecture and The Last Lecture. There is also other material of lesser interest. 6/22/1997
The course announcement This is the course announcement as posted on the Graduate Program web page. 8/20/2004

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