Professional ancestry of the instructor

Information from the Mathematics Genealogy Project

Stephen Greenfield advised by
Hugo Rossi advised by
Isadore Manual Singer advised by
Irving Ezra Segal advised by
C. Einar (Carl) Hille advised by
Marcel Riesz advised by
Leopold (Lipót) Fejér advised by
Hermann Amandus Schwarz advised by
Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstraß advised by
Christoph Gudermann advised by
Carl Friedrich Gauß advised by
Johann Friedrich Pfaff advised by
Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner
(before this the degree titles seem to be in theology!)

"ß" is the German letter most frequently written in English as "ss". The names Weierstraß and Gauß are usually written Weierstrass and Gauss, names of people who are important in the history of mathematics.

Notice that ... a weakening mutation occurred in the last step.