Diary for 01:090:101:21, Experimental Math, fall 2008

The fifth meeting, 10/6/2008

I will hand out copies of this. What is in this "this"?

  1. There is a one page outline of how we defined and analyzed the Fibonacci numbers at the last meeting. We used Maple and got a neat although weird-looking (if you are new to this method) formula for the Fibonacci numbers.
  2. The outline is followed by five questions about sequences defined using recursion. I actually tried to set up a biological example, but things just get complicated. All I can tell you is that many standard models of the spread of diseases, for example, use ideas which are very much the same (although more complicated!) as what is here. I have named participants to five Solution Teams, and I hope that each team will work out a formula for the sequence given. Maybe some of the teams can report today, or perhaps at the next meeting of the seminar.
Indeed, I thank Ms. Kalia for reporting on the results of team Tiger, and next time I hope we will have reports from the other teams.

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