Symmetry, Representations, and Invariants

Graduate Texts in Mathematics 255

by Roe Goodman and Nolan R. Wallach.
Published 2009 by   Springer,   ISBN 978-0-387-79851-6

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Supplements to the print version of the book:

Appendix E Cohomology and Character Formulas

Appendix F Decomposition of Tensor Spaces for O(V) and Sp(V)

Appendix G Group Representations and the Platonic Solids


Chapter 7.1.4, Exercise 9

Chapter 7.1.4, Exercise 11

Chapter 9.2.4, Exercises 1 and 2

Chapter 10.3.2, Formula (10.60)

Chapter 11.1.5, Exercises 2 and 4

Appendix A, Theorem A.2.3

Appendix D.1.1, Example 4