MATH 244 Sections 9 – 10 - 11

Lectures: MW    6:40 - 8:00 PM    Physics 111 

Lecturer: Dr. Las Goonetilleke,

Office Hours: Mondays 11 - 12 and Wednesdays 10 -11  AM at Hill 101



Section 9         5:15 - 6:10 PM            TIL-253   

Section 10       6:55 - 7:50 PM            TIL-103B   

Section 11       8:25 - 9:20 PM            TIL-103B   

Recitations Instructor: Mr. Fei Qi,

Office Hours: TBD


General information: We will be studying first- and second-order ordinary differential equations; introductory linear algebra, and systems of ordinary differential equations. Math 251 (CALC3) is a perquisite for this course.

Text: Elementary Differential Equations, Boyce & DiPrima, 10th edition. (9th edition is OK too)

Homework: Homework is collected and graded. HW from the previous week’s lectures will be due during Tuesday’s recitation. (Schedule and HW list is available in the resources folder)

Quizzes: There will be Quizzes during every recitation. No make-up quizzes, however the 3 lowest will be dropped.

Maple Labs: There will be 5 Maple labs. The first one will serve as a warm-up and will not be counted toward the course grades. They can be downloaded from Sakai

Maple labs are due 2 weeks after they are assigned. Late submissions for Maple Labs will not be accepted.

Exams:  There will be 2 mid-terms and a final. No make-ups except for verified medical reasons.

Grading: Exam-1: 20%, Exam-2: 20%, Final: 30%, Homework: 10%, Quizzes: 10%, Maple Labs: 10%

Other: No calculators allowed in exams or quizzes. You are expected to remember the standard integration techniques from calculus 1 and 2. (These will be reviewed during the first recitation).