01:640:244 Fall 2013

In the Fall of 2013 I taught recitations of 640:244 (Differential Equations for Physics and Engineering) for Section 1 - 3.

Please find Dr. Z's official course website for the course here:
for handouts, homework problems, due dates and answers, exam dates, etc..

Please find the quizzes and some answers here:
Quiz 1, Answer
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4, Answer (Dropped for low performance)
Quiz 5, Answer (Typo Contest Winner: Samantha Heller, Donald Chawla, Kevin Albertson, Honorable Mention: Alexander Kong)
Quiz 6, Answer (Typo Contest Winner: Jonathan Chang, Kelsey Hickey. Honorable mention: Grace Gunawan [awarded already] )
Quiz 7, Answer
Quiz 8, Answer
Quiz 9 (Due to a failure of copy machine, the quiz is cancelled)
Quiz 10 & 11 (Take-home)
Quiz 12, Answer (Dropped for low performance)

Please find the memorandum of the materials in the first recitation, where we reviewed differentiation and integration.
Brief review of basic formulas(Typo Contest winner: Neha Bhat)

You are welcomed to attend the typo contest that will be kept open for all the material I uploaded. There is one and only one rule: For each typo, the first one who finds it will take the 2-point-award.

The second chance project for quiz will be open on Oct 31.


Please find the second chance quizzes and due date here:
Second Chance of Quiz 1, due Nov. 7.
Second Chance of Quiz 5 & 7, due Nov. 14.
Second Chance of Quiz 2 & 3, due Nov. 21.

Please find information of maple labs here:
There is no Fall 2013 version at this moment.

Please find the basic rules of algebra and logarithm rules here:
It is required that you know these rules well. ANYONE making ANY mistakes in quizzes on these rules WILL SUFFER PENALTY!

If you have difficulties, a series of link is provided for help. Please definitely check with them.

Notice: The books seem to be developing and page numbering might change. But the section number together with the exercise numbering will be invariant. If you did not find the exercise and the reading materials at the pages I told you, just scroll around, or use Ctrl+F to find sections.

Useful links:

Please find the famous Russian book: 3193 Problems in Mathematical Analysis here:
If you feel that your computation skills is insufficient or you need a review on Calc 1, 2 or 3, please read the corresponding chapters and do the example problems. I have the full solution to ALL the exercise problems. If you are in trouble with ANYTHING please come to me for help.

Please find the very well-prepared video lectures on differential equation offered by Arthur Mattuck in MIT Spring 2010 here:
In partcular, in the Lecture 27 you will see nice sketches for the integral curves around four different classes of critical points. That will help to understand Lecture 22 in our course. It is a pity that due to limitation of time we cannot really talk about this in class.

Please find the demonstration of stability of 2x2 system of first order linear differential equation (developed by Housam Binous and Ahmed Bellagi) here:
It would help to understand the classification of critical points.