Mathematics 642:575:
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Class meetings: Monday, Wednesday 5:00-6:20 (6th period) in SEC-210

INSTRUCTOR: Professor Richard Falk
Hill Center, Room 722
phone: 848-445-6916
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OFFICE HOURS: Monday, 3:30-4:30, Wednesday, 3:30-4:30, and by appointment

Hill Center, Room 622
phone: 848-565-5825
OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 9:30-11:30


Since detailed lecture notes for this course will be available on this web site, there is no assigned textbook. However, since many students find a textbook useful, I recommend the following three, all available in paperback.

Finite Elements: Theory, fast solvers, and applications in solid mechanics by Dietrich Braess, Cambridge University Press, (paperback), 2007 (3rd edition).

Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods by Stig Larsson and Vidar Thomée, Texts In Applied Mathematics, (paperback) Volume 45, Springer, 2009.

Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method by Claes Johnson, (paperback) Dover Books on Mathematics, 2009.


Midterm Exam (80 minutes): 40%
Homework: 10%
Final exam: 50%


There will be one assignment for each 3-4 class periods. Since I intend to post solutions, late homework assignments pose a problem. Students with exceptional circumstances may be granted short extensions. Please see me as soon as a problem arises.


You may discuss homework problems with me or with other students. However, after you have finished discussing a problem, you must write your solution independently, not in concert with others. If you consult any source (such as a web page, solutions from a previous semester, etc.) in the preparation of homework, you must acknowledge this by citing that source; moreover, the work you turn in must be written up in your own words, not copied from a source. Failure to observe these restrictions will be treated as a violation of the Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy.

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