Mathematics 642:574 Numerical Analysis

Lecture Notes will be posted to the course web site after each class. For those students who also wish to have another source for the material, I recommend purchasing one of the following texts:

K. Atkinson, An Introduction to Numerical Analysis,, (second edition), Wiley, 1989.

D. Kincaid and W. Cheney: Mathematics of Scientific Computing, (third edition), American Mathematical Society, 2002.

A. Quarteroni, R. Sacco, and F. Saleri, Numerical Mathematics,, (second edition), Springer, 2004.

J. Stoer and R. Bulirsch: Introduction to Numerical Analysis, (third edition) Springer, 2002.

These books differ in the level of mathematical sophistication required, so it is helpful to look at the different books before deciding which one to purchase.

Class meetings: Tuesday, Thursday 6th period (5:00 - 6:20), SEC 217 (Spring, 2016)


Professor Richard Falk
Hill Center, Room 722
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Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm, and by appointment

Teaching Assistant:

Lun Zhang
Hill Center, Room 622
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-4:30 pm


1st Midterm Exam (80 minutes): 25%
2nd Midterm Exam (80 minutes): 25%
Homework: 10%
Final exam: 40%


There will be one assignment for each 2-3 class periods. Since I intend to hand out solutions, late homework assignments pose a problem. Students with exceptional circumstances may be granted short extensions. Please see me as soon as a problem arises.

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