Mathematics 640:244 Differential Equations for
Engineering and Physics;   Sections 17-19;   Spring 2009

TEXTBOOK: W. E. Boyce and R. C. DiPrima
Elementary Differential Equations,
John Wiley and Sons, Eighth Edition 2005.

CLASS MEETINGS: Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 5th period (3:20 - 4:40), Hill 114.
Recitations: Sec. 17: M3* 12:15-1:10 ARC-108; Sec. 18: M4* 1:55-2:50 SEC-220; Sec. 19: M5* 3:35-4:30 SEC-206.


Professor Richard Falk
Hill Center, Room 722
732-445-2390 x 2367
Course Web Page:

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 5-6pm, Thursday: 2-3pm, and by appointment.


Debajyoti Nandi
Hill Center, Room 618
732-445-2390 x 8058

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 3:00-4:30.

SYLLABUS: A tentative syllabus for the course can be found on the Syllabus Web Page:


Two Hour Exams (80 minutes): 20% each
Quizzes: 12%
Maple Labs: 8%
Final exam: 40%


Exam 1 will be given on Tuesday, February 24 and Exam 2 on Tuesday, April 7.

Make-up exams will be given only in the case of well-documented illness or major emergency or (only with permission in advance) of a major outside commitment.

A brief quiz will be given in most recitation classes. The sections covered are listed on the syllabus. Since only the highest eight quiz grades will be counted, there will be no make-up quizzes given.

Calculators may not be used on quizzes or exams.

HOMEWORK: A list of suggested homework problems can be found on the Homework Web Page: The homework will not be collected or graded.

MAPLE LABS: Six Maple labs will be assigned. Lab 0 is for practice and will be collected and checked off. Labs 1-5 will be collected and graded. The lowest lab grade will be dropped in computing your lab grade average. To obtain the labs (and, for each lab, a started Maple worksheet containing many of the commands for that lab) go to the Mathematics Department web site for Math 244 this term:   Math Dept Math 244 Web Page. Since the lowest lab grade will be dropped, late Maple labs are not accepted. The only exception to this rule is for the same situations as described above for make-up exams.