Érik Amorim


Érik Fernando de Amorim
Department of Mathematics - Hill Center
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
110 Frelinghuysen Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

Office 521, Hill Center, Busch Campus
erik dot f dot amorim at gmail dot com
erik dot amorim at math dot rutgers dot edu

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Linear Algebra corresponds to 2019, Differential Equations to 2018, Probability to 2017

Sometimes my last name is listed as de Amorim or deAmorim , sometimes as just Amorim (which I prefer). This is a perpetual unsolvable problem caused by a misshap with my passport in 2014.

I am a sixth-year Math PhD student at Rutgers University. I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Math from University of São Paulo, Brazil.

My research interests are in applications of Analysis to Mathematical Physics. I have done work in mathematical general relativity, quantum many-body problems, and operator algebras.

I used to be in charge of the Grad Student Pizza Seminar. Click here for more info.

I used to be in charge of the Grad Student Analysis Seminar. Click here for more info.

In the summer of 2016 I worked as the graduate assistant of the DIMACS REU program. Click here for more info.

Every year I help put together the Math department teams of the Mayday Race. If you'd like to run, contact me!

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