Axiomatic Set Theory

Spring 2023

Instructor: Dima Sinapova

Class Meets: M Th 12:10 - 1:30 in Hill 425
Office: Hill 230
Office Hours: Th 10-11, and by appointment


This is a first graduate course in set theory. The primary goal is to show the independence of the continuum hypothesis (CH). We will cover the axioms of set theory (ZFC), ordinals, cardinals, the Constructible Universe L, and the proof that ZFC+CH holds in L. Then we will go over the method of forcing and use it to show the consistency of not CH. Finally, we will discuss other applications of forcing, for example, Prikry type forcing, forcing iterations, and forcing axioms. Here is a tentative breakdown of topics:


Homework and grading

There will be regular homework assignments, which will be posted online. The grade will be based on the homework.