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GCS History

Here is a brief history of the seminar, as relayed by Tom Robinson:

I think Stephen Hartke began it... His advisor was Fred Roberts, and as far as I know DIMACS always provided the funding. After Stephen, I think Nick Weininger took over and then Bill Cuckler and then Paul Raff and then me (with Mike Neimann's help) then Beth and now [Kellen]. Subway sandwiches have been the most usual food, but there've been lots of exceptions by now.

Here is another account, as relayed by Paul Raff:

To my recollection, Bill Cuckler ... he's at the NSA now ... organized it before me and Phil did, and Nick did before Bill ... I think the GCS is just a natural consequence of the awesomeness of the discrete math program at Rutgers.

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Spring 2020 Abstracts

On March 13, 2020, Rutgers announced that all instruction would move online for the remainder of the semester due to coronavirus, so GCS was put on hold.

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