Deepak Kandaswamy

Deepak Kandaswamy, a junior at Rutgers College majoring in finance with a minor in statistics, has achieved notoriety as the brother of the brilliant but unstable Anand. Deepak currently works part time in Johnson & Johnson's Domestic Treasury Department. At the Domestic and Puerto Rico cash desk he trades securities in a portfolio worth almost two billion dollars. Do not mess with him.
During his nonexistent free time Deepak is an avid though primarily vicarious sports enthusiast, following his beloved Chicago Cubs, traveling to Shea Stadium annually to see them duel it out with the Mets (as this is more convenient than the fifteen hour drive to Wrigley Field); and he has been known to don a glove himself. He is also an enthusiastic if not always successful chess player (without the glove).
Deepak's future plans are unsettled, but he hopes to become involved with investment banking at a major New York City firm doing equity or fixed-income research.

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